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Milo Cream Milk Bundle

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Milo Cream Milk Bundle

• 100% imported ingredients 

• With natural goodness of calcium & protein to aid support of the development of strong bones, teeth and muscles growth

• Also available in NESTLE JUST MILK Full Cream Milk 1L and NESTLE JUST MILK Low Fat Milk 1L

• Can be consumed chilled (0-4°C) or at room temperature (25-30°C)

• Pack size: 200ml

• Servings per pack: 1

• Once opened, keep refrigerated. Recommended to consume within 4 days after opening

• Not suitable for infants below 6 months

• Not a breast milk substitute 

• HALAL certified 

With 100% imported ingredients, NESTLE JUST MILK Full Cream Milk contains natural goodness of calcium and protein in every drop to support the development of your strong bones, teeth and muscle growth. It is also gently processed to preserve all the natural goodness. 

Each 200ml pack has 1 serving, so enjoy it with your favourite breakfast cereal, in your smoothie or just on its own!

Milo Cream Milk Bundle
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