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Methearts - L'Sense With Love(1box)

Methearts - L\'Sense With Love(1box)
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Product Information
Methearts - L'Sense With Love
Nowadays, many of the office ladies (OL) prefer to stay in the air conditioning room and enjoying the cold air breeze.
However, you might not aware that this chilly condition is actually attacking your womb's health and leads to an increase in Gynecological patients dramatically.
Medically provided L'Sense formulated with advance technology 100% Special Fiber Growth Factor (V-NR) and nanonized active ingredients. With the combination of traditional Chinese medical theory and so to create the World First Originally Women Care Treatment.

L'Sense, the best friend of women to challenge aging and get you a better heath and beauty life.

  1. Solve women's aging problem from inside out
  2. Improve ovaries pre aging
  3. Improve vaginal dryness problems
  4. Correct irregular menstrual cycle
  5. Improve other menopause symptoms
General Facts Women Categories
  • Female who suffers gynecological (Vaginal cells damaged by bacteria)
  • Women after medical operational abortion (Vaginal mutation)
  • Female who have frequent marital intercourse (Vaginal has been overdrawn)
  • Female who had marital intercourse for more than tree years (Vaginal aging due to long service duration)
  • Female after giving birth (High possibility of irreparable stretch in vaginal wall)
  • Female who lacks of exercise (Sagging of vaginal and pelvic muscles)
Special Fiber Growth Factor
Pure Nature extracts with 100% special fiber growth factor (V-NR), contains epidermis, cortical and deep cortical cells growth factors to stimulate cell recovery ability of each skin's layer. the activation of cell renewal and revitalization strengthen the elasticity and contractility of vaginal wall.
Four Special Characteristics:
  1. Self Checking - If you are unsure whether you are suffering from any gynecological diseases or not, taking L'Sensewould help you identify the healthiness of uterine and vaginal environment. This can avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles and it is simple, fast, accurate and convenient.
  2. Self Adjusting - Taking L'Sense continuously will improve the environment of uterus. It can effectively restrain the bacteria, itchiness, and unpleasant odors.
  3. Self Beauty - It helps the skin becomes smoother, moist and elastic. For information, the brownness, dullness, dark sports, dryness and wrinkled on the female skin or face, at least 75% are due to various gynecological diseases.
  4. Self Maintaining - Taking L'Sense daily can effectively prevent the occurrence of gynecological diseases, help the constriction process of vagina, and maintain the beauty in all female.
Main Function
  • Vaginal Tightening
  • Bust Firming
  • Hormone Balance
  • Uterine Health Care
  • Ovarian Health Maintenance
  • Freckles Lightening
Related Question
  • Can a women with no gynecological diseases take L'Sense?
Answer : Yes, L'Sense has the function of vaginal tightening, increase libido, and improving the process of vaginal relaxation. It allows all women feel younger and improves the quality of marital intercourse.
  • When the L'Sense can be taken after surgery and giving birth?
Answer : Generally, It would be appropriate taking it 30 day after giving birth.
  • Can a menopausal women take L'Sense?
Answer : Yes. L'Sense stimulates the ovarian cells to restore the level of estrogen. it also regulates the endocrine activities and reproductive system. It solves the problem of backache and leg pain due to gynecological disease. However, result varied with each individual.
  • How can taking L'Sense benefit a menopausal women?
Answer : For a menopausal women, the function of ovaries has declined, while the estrogen level has dropped, and the endocrine secretion is imbalance. L'sense can regulate the blood circulation and endocrine secretion, repair the uterine function, maintain the ovarian function and prolong aging.
  • Why will endocrine secretion after taking L'sense?
Answer : It is a good sign that endocrine secretion increased. L'Sense can discharge the inflammatory substances, repair and increase glandular cells. Hence, the endocrine secretion of body will always at an optimum level. The sexual function can be improved.
  • Why is taking L'Sense good for breast enhancement?
Answer : The size of the breast is closely related to the ovarian progesterone secretion. L'Sense clears the obstruction of the meridians; improve the blood and nutrition supply to the breast. Hence, it brings significant effect in breast enhancement.
  • Will the user become over dependence on L'Sense after taking it?
Answer : No. L'Sense is made from scientist recognized natural herbs ingredients. It improves the process of detoxification, blood circulation and ovarian function regulation. It also ensures a normal secretion level of various hormones. Hence, it will not cause the user becomes addicted, or over reliance on it.
Main Ingredients
  • Phlomis Umbrosa - Regulation menstruation, smoothening intestines
  • Kacip Fatimah Extract - Constricting uterus, Enhancing breast, improving body's vitality
  • Soy Isoflavone - Regulating level of estrogen, relieving menopausal symptoms and improving osteoporosis
  • Pueraria Mirifica Extract - Regulating female hormones, relieving menstrual irregularities
  • Cynanchum Wilfordii - Prevent body weakness, improving digestion
  • Angelica Gigas Nakai - Activating blood circulation relieving pain
Consume 1 ampoule a day before bedtime. Do not exceed recommended dosage.
  • NOT SUITABLE for lactating mother, pregnant women, and those who are below the age of 18.
  • NOT RECOMMENDED for sebaceous cyst patient and person with high risk or survivors of cancer of the breast or uterus.
  • Store in cool, dry place.
  • Strictly avoid from heat source above 40 degree Celsius and sunlight exposure
  • keep out of reach children
  • this product not meant for medication purposes. Consult physician if symptom does not improve.
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