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Mensive Moustache & Beard Oil [ Original ]

Mensive Moustache & Beard Oil [ Original ]
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Mensive Beard & Moustache Oil Serum (MBO)
With major comeback of beard to the scene, it’s about time Mensive- Moustache and Beard Oil (MBO) jump into the bandwagon and produce products specifically for grooming of the facial hair. MBO started off as the beard grooming oil which is unique from others because it is homemade. It is the first ever beard oil in South East Asia to be featured in Utusan Malaysia. The MBO has made its way to several neighboring countries including Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.
The popularity of the MBO grows so fast with spreading of words about all of its advantages. Fans have requested for MBO to expand its range beyond just products for the beard. Being attentive and holding on to the belief that customer is always right; the MBO team has taken the initiative to cater to the demand. The team had improvised the product and sent the product to Research and Development experts which leads to a joint venture with a factory.
As a result, the products are now complied with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and registered under the Biro Pengawalan Farmaseutikal Kebangsaan (BPFK). The product contains several ingredients such as almond oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, virgin coconut oil, fleece flower and one ingredient that will remain a secret to make sure it has a competitive value from other similar products in the market.
To all the bearded gentlemen out there who are still searching for the right product to enhance the growth of their moustache and beard, look no further because MBO is the right one for you. With regular use, it will ensure growth of thicker, longer, shinier and healthier facial hair. For longer beard and moustache, the ingredients in MBO can even stop split ends and moisturize the skin underneath. Your facial hair will also stay in place. Take cues from bearded celebs like Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Ryan Gosling who get all the ladies go weak on their knees with their good look. With MBO don’t be surprised if you will be able to pull of the same effect.
Volume: 30mL Ingredient: White Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fleece Flower, Begamot Essential Oil
Scent: Begamot (Citrus )

  • Enhance growth of facial hair
  • Promote new hair
  • Ensure facial hair grow thicker, longer and healthy
  • Moisturize skin underneath facial hair
  • Prevent beard dandruff


Mensive Moustache & Beard Oil [ Original ]
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