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MEGA SIZE 1/48 MS-06S Char's Zaku II

MEGA SIZE 1/48 MS-06S Char's Zaku II
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Product Information
Price in YEN: 7800
Scale: 1/48
Release Date: Dec., 2010

- Char's Zaku came from all Gandam fan Mega size dedicated to big models!
- Ease to assemble the pipe liner lock mechanism in the adoption of power! Of course, also supports moving!
- RG also adopted a new panel line.
Without any discomfort - RG Megasaizugandamu reproduced alongside the panel lines.
- RG shape conforms to the design of the backpack!
- Great! Easy to make! Fun! Megasaizumoderu POINT1: No special tools required for assembly. Nipper can not use.
POINT2: Snap adopted without glue to assemble.
POINT3: hearty! Ganpurasuteppuappumanyuaru come.
POINT4: fun and fast-lock type runner.
POINT5: Easy to assemble in Daburusepareta.
POINT6: assembly instructions and color illustrations, intuitive icons that the necessary parts (symbols) is adopted.
POINT7: Iropura because, without a finished painting cool!
POINT8: uses a special decal, Ditiruappu challenge!
- Accessories: Zaku machine gun, heat hawkbox art updated
MEGA SIZE 1/48 MS-06S Char\'s Zaku II
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