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Marketing Management, An Asian Perspective

Marketing Management, An Asian Perspective
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  • For undergraduate and graduate courses in marketing management.
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Marketing Management, An Asian Perspective textbook x1


The gold standard for today’s marketing management student.

Stay on the cutting-edge with the gold standard text that reflects the latest in marketing theory and practice.

The world of marketing is changing everyday–and in order for students to have a competitive edge, they need a textbook that reflects the best of today’s marketing theory and practices. Marketing Management is the gold standard marketing text because its content and organization consistently reflect the latest changes in today’s marketing theory and practice.

Marketing Management: An Asian Perspective, 7th edition continues to showcase the excellent content that Kotler has created with examples and case studies that are easily recognized. This enables students to relate to and grasp marketing concepts better.



Emphasize the many aspects of marketing

·    Four key dimensions of holistic marketing are woven throughout the text:

o Internal marketing—ensuring everyone in the organization embraces appropriate marketing principles, especially senior management.

o Integrated marketing—ensuring that multiple means of creating, delivering, and communicating value are employed and combined in the best way.

o Relationship marketing—having rich, multifaceted relationships with customers, channel members, and other marketing partners.

o Performance marketing—understanding returns to the business from marketing activities and programs, as well as addressing broader concerns and their legal, ethical, social, and environmental effects.

Marketing Management: An Asian Perspective, 7/E boasts a host of new features and continues with the key factors that have made the earlier editions successful.

·    Provides an Asian perspective with a focus on Asian marketing concepts and applications such as Islamic marketing, guanxi, and online marketing. The balanced mix of Asian and International examples and cases are featured so that students are able to better relate to the concepts that are illustrated with case studies and examples closer to home. This provides more relevant context for students in Asia.

·    NEW! Brand-new opening vignettes for each chapter set the stage for the chapter material to follow. By covering topical brands or companies, the vignettes are great classroom discussion starters.

·    NEW! In-text boxes provide vivid illustrations of chapter concepts using actual companies and situations. The boxes cover a variety of products, services, and markets, and many have accompanying illustrations in the form of ads or product shots.

·    NEW! Each end-of-chapter section now includes two expanded Marketing Lesson cases highlighting innovative, insightful marketing accomplishments by leading organizations. Some of these cases highlight challenges that companies face in Asia. Almost all the cases are new and include companies such as MCM, Yum, Uber, Unilever, 7-Eleven, Heinz, and Nintendo. Each case includes questions that promote classroom discussion and student analysis.

·    Address today’s economic, environmental, and technological changes in marketing: Throughout the new edition, these three areas are addressed with emphasis on marketing during economic downturns and recessions, the rise of sustainability and green marketing, and the increased development of computing power, the Internet, and mobile phones.

·    Marketing Insight and Marketing Memo Boxes. Throughout this text, the Marketing Insight and Marketing Memo boxes provide in-depth conceptual and practical commentary.

·    Unique tool for learners is the beefed-up summary which includes key diagrams and examples that consolidates the student’s knowledge and is a speedy revision tool.

Content updates

·    NEW! A new chapter (19) titled Managing Digital Communications: Online, Social Media and Mobile gives the deserved attention to the impact of the digital revolution on marketing.

Enhanced instructor supplements for lecture preparation

·    Instructor’s Manual with detailed lecture outlines that follow the sequence of the PowerPoint slides for speedy lecture preparations.

·    PowerPoint Slides with example-based teaching using many examples and application cases to teach and illustrate chapter concepts.

·    Test File Item with TestGen contains more than 3,000 multiple-choice, true-false, short answer and essay questions. Application questions are also available for students to apply their marketing skills.


New to this Edition

·    NEW! Updated content with focus on three key marketing changes


The three main marketing changes are economic, environmental, and technological. The updated content places its emphasis on marketing during economic downturns and recessions, the rise of sustainability and green marketing, and the increased development of computing power, the Internet and mobile phones.


·    NEW! Marketing Insights and Marketing Memo In-Text Boxes

Almost half of the in-text boxes are new. The in-text boxes provide in-depth conceptual and practical commentary which use actual companies and situations to cover a variety of products, services and markets.


·    NEW! End-of-chapter Marketing Lesson cases

These cases available at the end of each chapter will highlight innovative and insightful marketing accomplishments from leading organizations.


·    NEW! Chapter (19) titled Managing Digital Communications: Online, Social Media and Mobile

It has been added to better highlight that important topic. Significant attention is paid throughout the text to what a new section in Chapter 1 calls “the digital revolution.”


Table of Contents

Part 1. Understanding Marketing Management  

1. Defining Marketing for the New Realities  

2. Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans  


Part 2. Capturing Marketing Insights  

3. Gathering Information and Forecasting Demand  

4. Conducting Marketing Research  


Part 3. Connecting with Customers  

5. Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty

6. Analyzing Consumer Markets  

7. Analyzing Business Markets  

8. Identifying Market Segments and Targets


Part 4. Building Strong Brands  

9. Creating Brand Equity

10. Crafting the Brand Positioning

11. Competitive Dynamics


Part 5. Shaping the Market Offerings  

12. Setting Product Strategy  

13. Designing and Managing Services  

14. Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs  


Part 6. Delivering Value  

15. Designing and Managing Marketing Channels and Value Networks  

16. Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics  


Part 7. Communicating Value  

17. Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications  

18. Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, Sales Promotions, Events, and Public Relations  

19. Managing Digital Communications: Online, Social Media, and Mobile

20. Managing Personal Communications: Direct and Database Marketing, Word of Mouth, and Personal Selling  


Part 8. Creating Successful Long-Term Growth

21. Introducing New Market Offerings

22. Tapping into Global Markets

23. Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization


Marketing Management, An Asian Perspective
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