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Manglish : Malaysian English At Its Wackiest

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Authors: Lee Su Kim & Stephen J. Hall

Illustrator: Zunar

ISBN: 9789814841429

Pages: 148

Year: 2019

"Aiseh! Malaysians talk one kind one, you know? You also can or not? If cannot, don't worry, you can learn how to be terror at Manglish by just going through this book. The authors Lee Su Kim and Stephen Hall have come up with a damn shiok and kacang putih way for anybody to master Manglish. Nohnid to vomit blood. Some more ah, this new edition got extra chapters and new Manglish words. So don't be a bladiful and miss out on this. Get a copy and add oil to your social life." — Kee Thuan Chye, author of 'The People's Victory'

Now back after 20 years with brand new words, expressions and idioms, this hilarious classic remains packed with humour, irreverence and loads of fun. It bids all Malaysians to lighten up, laugh at ourselves and revel in our unique, multicultural way of life.

Forget about tenses, grammar, pronunciation, and just relek lah … Aiyoh. Manglish or Malaysian English is what Malaysians speak when we want to connect with each other or just hang loose. Borrowing from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Asli, British English, American English, dialects, popular mass media and plenty more, our unique English reflects our amazing diversity. Like a frothy teh tarik or a lip-smacking mouthful of divine durian, Manglish is uniquely Malaysian.

This book is an entertaining, funny and witty compilation of commonly used Malaysian English words and expressions. Whether Malaysian, expat, visitor or a fresh-off-the-plane Mat Salleh, you’ll never be at a loss for words when conversing with Malaysians.


AuthorLee Su Kim & Stephen J. Hall
Manglish : Malaysian English At Its Wackiest
Manglish : Malaysian English At Its Wackiest
Manglish : Malaysian English At Its Wackiest
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