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Malaysia Pewter tea caddy

Malaysia Pewter tea caddy
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Malaysia Pewter tea caddy
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Pewter tea caddy Malaysia Here are some points to consider when choosing a tea caddy. These qualities are the reasons why pewter is often the preferred material. A tea caddy must be made from a material that does not react with the tea. Pewter is an inert alloy and hence does not mar the delicate quality of tea. Tea must be kept away from sunlight as it breaks down the quality of tea. Hence tea caddies should always be opaque. As dry tealeaves easily absorb moisture and odours, it is essential to use an airtight container for tea. Xi Fu pewter tea caddies are designed with a perfectly-fitted cover and inner lid to ensure that they are airtight. In the art of making tea, a good tea caddy design that is functional and tactile is essential. For storing tea, it is best to use tea caddies as opposed to other containers as they are designed specially for this purpose. Aesthetics and functionality should go hand in hand and is part of the tea culture. Pewter is malleable and enables the most intricate details to be reproduced.


Malaysia Pewter tea caddy
Malaysia Pewter tea caddy
Malaysia Pewter tea caddy
Malaysia Pewter tea caddy
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