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Naive Makeup Removal Face Wash - Green Tea (200g)

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Product Information

Formulation: Cleanser

Skin Concerns: Moisturizing + Nourishing

Expiry Date: Normal Expiry

Sun Protection: < SPF 30

Skin Type: All Types

Ingredient Type: Alcohol Free

- 100% plant-based washing ingredient
- Make up remover and face wash can be done at once
- No Artificial colorants
- No mineral oil
- Paraben-free formula
- Alcohol free formula
- Made in Japan

1. Keep moisture with the ingredients that make your skin moist
- Contains original "skin moist ingredients".
- The outflow of amino acids, a necessary component for the skin, is reduced, keeping the moisture of the skin!

2. Have good foaming properties and foam stability !
- Providing rich foaming and good foam stability.
- You can wash gently without rubbing your skin with the foam elasticity.

3. Contains Grape Seed Oil to remove makeup 
- Grape Seed Oil has excellent moisturizing power, provides a moist and excellent skin feel after cleaning and has excellent stability.
Naive Makeup Removal Face Wash - Green Tea (200g)
Naive Makeup Removal Face Wash - Green Tea (200g)
Naive Makeup Removal Face Wash - Green Tea (200g)
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