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Magic Hair Bun Maker

Magic Hair Bun Maker
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Product Information

Note: Watch our videos below to learn how to do these styles in a breeze =)

Watch it in action!

Video 1: Magic Bun Maker tutorial – Simple hair bun updo

Great hair accessories from MJ Accessories here.

Video 2: Magic Bun Maker Tutorial – Sweet Ponytail Bun

Video 3: Magic Bun Maker review by HK beauty reviewer

With the Magic Bun Maker,

it is so easy to create a beautiful bun hair style.

* Material: high quality sponge with inner bendable wires

* Sizes available: 17.5cm / 22.5cm

* Quick and easy to use. NO FUSS. In 3 easy steps!!

* Flexible and unbreakable material

*Available in Black

Simple to use – 3 steps

1) slide the hair in ponytail

2) twist and roll

3) tuck and pin……. for a great looking bun in minutes.

There are 2 sizes available:

Medium Magic Bun Maker (22.5cm) - Suitable for full hair bun/long, dense hair (Hot seller)

Small Magic Bun Maker (17.5cm) – Suitable for small hair bun styles ie half-do/short hair ie Shoulder length


By ShoppingRoll

My Personal Review:

These are very handy stuff to make hair buns in a matter of seconds. I am using the Medium 22.5cm and also Small 17.5cm. The Medium one works great for full hair bun updo styles for long hair, whereas the smaller one works great for half-do styles/ponytails or double/multiple bun updo styles.

It is fun experimenting with these as many styles can be created. It took me a few attempts before I mastered how to use it correctly.

Every hair bun made with this requires 1 or two bobby pins to secure it at the bottom to hold the hair bun in place within the bun maker.

The hair bun is stable, it stays on all day as long as bobby pins are placed securely at the bottom. Criss cross boby pins at the bototm for better security.

The inner wiring is pretty flexible. After using it for say 5 times the sponge will have slight wrinkles, but these cannot be seen when you use it beneath your hair. The wiring stays put pretty well but try to be gentle when bending it each time as harsh bending can misshapen it.

Other Uses:-

1. Gorgeous curls

This stuff is awesome if you would like to create gorgeous curls and waves. I found out by accident after removing the hair bun after 4 hrs of using it. The curls created are beautiful (refer to photos above), if you’d like it to stay for a night out, just spritz hair spray and it will stay for the night out! =) I find that using two magic bun makers will create nicer layered curls than using one alone.

2. Instant short hair/bob hair do

If you have sene the photo above, I managed to have it done, albeit not perfectly. Somehow the Taiwanese guy in Video 3 is better at it. I had my bf to help me do this hair do as I could not do it alone (the pinning part). Well, one side was lopsided as you can see. But I guess practice makes perfect. This one requires practice and the pins have to be thoroughly secured (at least 3-5 pins) else you’re in for a disaster hair do.

Magic Hair Bun Maker
Magic Hair Bun Maker
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