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Mageline Black Tea and Lavender Facial Mask

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Mageline 麦吉丽
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Product Information
  • Mageline Black Tea & Lavender Facial Mask, 150g
  • Instant revitalizing and anti-oxidation for supple and silky skin.
  • Unclogs pores, delivers lasting moisture, soothes damaged skin.
  • Enriched withand, fights against oxidation for clean and refreshed pores, supple and luminous skin.
  • Selected natural black tea ferment, deeply removes free radical and improves dullness for a radiant glow.
  • Selected Provence Lavender extracts regulate water-oil balance, shrink large pores, restore supple and tender skin.
  • Improves the circulation by adding oxygen to the skin cells, soothes the skin, natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties for problematic skin i.e. acnes, blackheads and whiteheads. It relieves itching and reduces the symptoms of eczema.It also decongests the irritated areas on the skin by adding moisture, thereby accelerating the healing process. Replenishes needed nutrients, improves damaged skin, restores skin vitality.
  • Selected 23 North Latitude Aloe Barbadensis Extract, boosts hydration to fade skin flaws and relieve sunburn skin.It helps defend skin against free radicals and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and restore radiance to dull skin. Aloe vera extract is the perfect remedy for sunburned and sensitive skin,soothing and hydrating, anti-inflammatory and cooling properties to reduce acne and infection, lighten blemishes and accelerate skin healing process.
  • Suitable for oily, combination, and acne skin.
  • Usage: Method 1: after cleansing face, apply appropriate amount of this gel mask to the face, rinse off with water after 20-30 mins.
  • Method 2: “Sandwich Mask – Double Hydrating Booster” apply appropriate amountof this gel mask to the face, followed by putting on a piece of Mageline MagicBeauty Brightening Facial Mask on top of the gel mask, leave it on for 20 mins,thereafter rinse off with water.
  • 红茶薰衣草面膜, 150g
  • 富含顶级45%天然红茶酵素及罗旺斯薰衣草萃取, 库拉索芦荟, 多种植物精粹.
  • 杀菌, 补水嫩肤,抗氧化,疏通毛孔.调理角质,持久锁水保湿,多效安抚养护受损肌肤,毛孔净透焕亮,肌肤绽放柔嫩光采!
  • 臻选天然红茶醇萃取, 深层清除自由基,改善肌肤暗沉,肌肤匀净透亮.有效修复晦暗的肤色.
  • 臻选普罗旺斯薰衣草萃取:调节肌肤水油平衡,收敛粗大毛孔,肌肤重现细嫩柔滑. 天然薰衣草能舒缓肌肤, 多种植物精粹能提升肌肤弹性, 并达到深层修护效果, 紧致肌肤, 让肌肤更加细腻嫩滑, 重塑肌肤天然屏障。使肌肤亮泽通透,修复熬夜和电脑一族的肤色暗哑问题,让肌肤水嫩白皙。
  • 重磅升级尖端生物发酵技,“受损肌肤救星”, 添加嗜热栖热菌发酵产物,修护多种肌肤受损问题,焕发健康活力.补充肌肤所需养分,改善多种受损肌肤,焕活健康活力肌.
  • 臻选北纬23度库拉索芦荟精华:蓄满肌肤“小水库“,“擦“净肌肤瑕疵,“拯救”晒后受损肌肤.祛黄肤色暗哑问题, 重现肌肤柔嫩细致.
  • 有效抗氧赋活,修复晦暗的肤色,舒缓肌肤,调理疏通毛孔,祛黄重现肌肤柔嫩细致,提升肌肤弹性,深层修护效果让肌肤更加细腻嫩滑, 重塑肌肤天然屏障,杀菌除螨,消炎祛痘、淡斑,调节油脂分泌,持久锁水保湿,紧致肌肤, 使肌肤亮泽通透,修复熬夜和电脑一族的肤色暗哑问题,让肌肤水嫩白皙,肌肤时刻莹亮通透
  • 适合于:面部油光,细菌滋生;毛孔变大,皮肤粗糙;黑头粉刺、痤疮;皮肤暗黄,出现黄褐斑、雀斑;酒糟鼻,甚至不可逆的橘皮样“皮肤肉包"
  • 用法用量: 方法一:洁面后,取适量涂抹面部,停留20-30分钟,用清水冲洗即可。
  • 方法二:先取适量涂抹面部,再敷上麦吉丽魔力焕颜蚕丝面膜,用做”三明治面膜“使用,敷20分钟后,用清水冼净即可。
Mageline Black Tea and Lavender Facial Mask
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