DTS Home Mart

Our mission is to make easily available excellent quality supplies of farmed live fish of exceptional nutritional value and taste characteristics at the most competitive prices that are able to match or exceed the most stringent prevailing food safety standard.

DTS Home Mart has a background of more than 28 years experience in marine farming. We are today one of Malaysia’s top fish and seafood suppliers to premier restaurants and hotels via the distribution, wholesale and retail channels. We also distribute our fifish products to major fish markets, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

At DTS Home Mart, we are aquaculture specialists in marine fish farming and processing. Tried and tested marine farming methods and know-how coupled with the use of patented Omega Rich™ special feed mix, have resulted in live fish produce which are nutritious with the ideal desirable taste characteristics, and free of harmful residues.

We are in unassailable position to fully control, manage and implement consistent industry-wide high quality standards every step of the way. Such an integrated approach translates into total quality assurance for both our customers and end consumers.