Wei Chuan Garlic Sauce / 味全 蒜蓉酱 ( 200 g / 1 Bottle )

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★ Brewing soy sauce blending
★ Every bite is a good taste of nostalgia
★ Garlic flavor makes the flavor of food alive instantly.
★ 酿造酱油调配
★ 每一口都是怀旧的好滋味
★ 蒜味让食物的风味瞬间鲜活起来

It is delicious with garlic white meat, white chicken and other dishes.Product Name:Contents: 200gIngredients: brewed soy sauce, water, sucrose, garlic, acetylated distarch adipate, flavoring agents (L-glutamate, citric acid), salt, Guanhua bean gum, garlic extract, preservatives (potassium adipate, Sodium benzoate), chili powder, sweetener (sucralose)Food additives name: thickener (distarch acetylated adipate), flavoring agent (sodium glutamate, citric acid), preservative (potassium adipate, Sodium benzoate), sweetener (sucralose)Origin (country): TaiwanShelf life: 2 years.

搭配蒜泥白肉、白斩鸡、川烫花枝等菜肴皆是好滋味品名:《味全》台湾搵酱-蒜蓉酱内容量:原料成分:酿造酱油、水、蔗糖、蒜头、乙醯化己二酸二淀粉、调味剂(L-麸酸钠、柠檬酸)、食盐、关华豆胶、蒜头抽出物、防腐剂(己二烯酸钾、苯甲酸钠)、辣椒粉、甜味剂(蔗糖素)食品添加物名称:黏稠剂(乙醯化己二酸二淀粉)、调味剂(L- 麸酸钠、柠檬酸)、防腐剂(己二烯酸钾、苯甲酸钠)、甜味剂(蔗糖素)原产地(国):台湾保存期限:2年
Wei Chuan Garlic Sauce / 味全 蒜蓉酱 ( 200 g / 1 Bottle )
Wei Chuan Garlic Sauce / 味全 蒜蓉酱 ( 200 g / 1 Bottle )

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