Taisun Eight Treasure Congee / 泰山 八宝粥 ( 375 g / 1 Bottle )

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A nutritious snack for a little hungry
No preservatives, suitable for vegetarians
No need to boil, the most convenient to open and eat



Taisun launched eight-treasure porridge in 1986. Each can is carefully researched and developed by us and made from carefully selected natural grains. The quality is guaranteed, nutritious and healthy. And the proud cooking technique is based on family secrets and is refined in accordance with ancient methods. You can enjoy the delicious taste that has been handed down since ancient times. Not only the food ingredients, but also the hygiene quality is the first. It is also packaged in high-temperature sterilization and sealed containers without preservatives. Taisun dim sum is convenient for you to eat. It is a light snack that you can use as a nutritional supplement every day, and it will become a good snack for your mouth!
Taisun eight-treasure porridge uses the various nutrients rich in natural grains. After Taisun's years of experience in dim sum cooking, the food is rich and delicious. It does not need to be time-consuming to cook by yourself. It is ready to eat, vacuum packaged, and cooked at high temperature. It contains no preservatives and is a nutritious snack worthy of peace of mind. The eight-treasure porridge contains large pieces of fragrant Q longan, glutinous rice, oatmeal, oatmeal, mung beans, pinto beans, red beans, and peanuts. The ingredients are real. Whether it is breakfast, snacks, midnight snacks, or outings, mountain climbing, it can make you full Full, the taste is endless.
[Commodity ingredients/food additives/nutrition labeling]
Contents ingredients: water, sucrose, glutinous rice, oats, mung beans, pinto beans, oatmeal, red beans, peanuts, longans, high fructose syrup, brown sugar, spices
Calories: 73 kcal; per 100g
Nutritional ingredients per serving: 100ml Nutritional ingredients: protein: 1.67 g, fat: 0.71 g, saturated fat: 0.15 g, carbohydrate: 14.98 g, sugar: 8.85 g, sodium: 16.28 mg, total dietary fiber: 0.54 Gram
Shelf life: 24 months (see outer packaging for details)

1. 打开即食
2. 加热食用:加热前请先拉开拉环隔水加热,或倒入可微波器皿中加热食用
3. 八宝剉冰:大碗剉冰加上八宝粥,淋上香浓炼乳,就是透心凉的好吃八宝冰
4. 八宝汤圆:汤圆煮熟后倒入八宝粥,加热均匀搅拌,暖呼呼的八宝汤圆上桌啰!
每份营养成份:每份(100ml)营养成份:蛋白质:1.67 公克、脂肪:0.71公克、饱和脂肪:0.15公克、碳水化合物:14.98 公克、糖:8.85公克、钠:16.28毫克、总膳食纤维:0.54公克
保存期限:24个月 (详见外包装)
Taisun Eight Treasure Congee / 泰山 八宝粥 ( 375 g / 1 Bottle )
Taisun Eight Treasure Congee / 泰山 八宝粥 ( 375 g / 1 Bottle )
Taisun Eight Treasure Congee / 泰山 八宝粥 ( 375 g / 1 Bottle )

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