Sin Long Beigang Camellia oil / 鑫隆 北港苦茶油 ( 560 ml / 1 Bottle )

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After caesarean section, women’s nursing care, bibimbap noodles, small mouthfuls of raw drink, stir-fry, bitter tea oil chicken, three cup dishes, vegetarian food is available.Camellia oil
Cold pressed virgin
Bitter tea oil is known as Oriental olive oil, but its nutritional value is higher than that of olive oil. We use fresh small fruit bitter tea seeds, which are baked at low temperature for a short period of time, and then cold pressed and virgin. °), it is suitable for frying, boiling, frying, frying and cold dressing. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (omega-9) up to 86%, and the oil is mild. It is a top edible oil suitable for the general public. It is also suitable for bitter tea oil. Drink a small amount of raw drink daily.
High-quality bitter tea seeds-low-temperature roasting, natural essence, high-grade bitter tea oil!.
苦茶油素有东方橄榄油之称,但营养价值却高于橄榄油, 我们采用新鲜小果苦茶籽,经短暂低温烘焙后冷压初榨制成, 清香不燥热、耐高温(约220 °),煎、煮、炒、炸、凉拌全方位都适合, 富含单元不饱合脂肪酸(omega-9)高达86%,油质温和, 适合大众使用的顶级食用油,苦茶油也适用于每日少量生饮。
优质苦茶籽 - 低温焙炒、天然精粹的高级苦茶油!

※ The bitter tea oil produced by our factory is independently sent to SGS national professional inspection every year. It has no yellow koji toxin, no pesticides, no heavy metals, and the quality is worthy of your trust.Place of Origin: Taiwan-BeigangShelf life: 2 yearsContents: 560ml.

※ 本厂自产的苦茶油,每年自主送往SGS国家级专业检验, 无黄麴毒素、无农药、无重金属,品质值得您信赖。原产地:台湾-北港保存期限:2年内容量:
Sin Long Beigang Camellia oil / 鑫隆 北港苦茶油 ( 560 ml / 1 Bottle )
Sin Long Beigang Camellia oil / 鑫隆 北港苦茶油 ( 560 ml / 1 Bottle )

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