Serena Egg Roll Economy Bun-Sesame / 喜年来 蛋卷经济包-芝麻 ( 192 g / 1 Boxes )

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Product Information

◆ Serena sesame egg rolls are made of good sesame seeds, and each one is round and full
◆ After biting, you can immediately taste the rich sesame aroma, with the multi-layer rich taste of egg rolls
◆ The original taste of happiness can be tasted at any time
◆ Serena Omelet uses fresh liquid eggs produced by excellent egg farms. The manufacturing process insists on not adding a drop of water, and the egg aroma is more intense.
◆  Serena is a TQF certified egg roll manufacturer. Egg element is edible..
◆ 喜年来芝麻蛋卷选用上好的芝麻烘焙,每一颗都圆润饱满
◆ 咬下去马上可以品尝到浓郁的芝麻香,搭配蛋卷的多层次丰富口感
◆ 原来幸福的滋味随时都可以品尝得到
◆ 喜年来蛋卷采用优良蛋场出品的新鲜液蛋,制造过程坚持不加一滴水,蛋香更浓郁坚持不加一滴水
◆ 喜年来为通过 TQF 认证之蛋卷制造商。蛋素可食。

Product specifications
Brand: Happy New Year
Commodity type: Biscuit
Storage method: Store in a cool and dry place indoors
Content ingredients: eggs. palm oil, flour, granulated sugar, sesame, refined salt
Calories: Each serving is 64g/371cal/each package contains 3 servings
Nutritional ingredients per serving: calories/371 kcal, protein/5.1 g, fat/24.3 g, saturated fat/11 g, trans fat/0 g, carbohydrates/33 g, sugar/18.2 g, sodium/88 mg, If the nutrition labeling data is slightly different from the packaging, the label on the actual packaging shall prevail
Content (g/ml): 192G (64GX3 package)
Name of food additives: none
Origin: Taiwan
Matters needing attention:
◎ Do not place in direct sunlight and damp places
◎ After unpacking, please use it as soon as possible to prevent deterioration
◎ The manufacturing date and expiration date, the product ingredients are marked on the box
◎ Due to the shooting relationship, the product page of this product is slightly different, and the actual shipment is mainly from the manufacturer
◎ If there is any change in the product copy, please refer to the actual product

热量:每一份量 64公克/371大卡/本包装包含3份
每份营养成份:热量/371大卡, 蛋白质/5.1公克, 脂肪/24.3公克, 饱和脂肪/11公克, 反式脂肪/0公克, 碳水化合物/33公克, 糖/18.2公克, 纳/88毫克,营养标示数据若与包装上略有差异时,以实际包装上标示为准
内容量 ( g/ml ):192G(64GX3包)
◎ 勿放置在阳光直射与潮湿处
◎ 包装拆封后,请尽速使用完毕,以防变质
◎ 制造日期与有效期限,商品成分皆标示于包装盒上
◎ 本产品网页因拍摄关系,图档略有差异,实际以厂商出货为主
◎ 本产品文案若有变动敬请参照实际商品为准
Serena Egg Roll Economy Bun-Sesame / 喜年来 蛋卷经济包-芝麻 ( 192 g / 1 Boxes )
Serena Egg Roll Economy Bun-Sesame / 喜年来 蛋卷经济包-芝麻 ( 192 g / 1 Boxes )

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