Epson LQ-2190 A3 Dot Matrix Printer ( 24 Pin / 480 Cps / 136 Columns / 1 + 5 Copies Epson LQ2190

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Product Information

Size (length*width*height): 26cm x 41cm x 64cm

What's in the box:

1 x Epson LQ-2190Dot Matrix Printer,
1 x ribbon,
1 x printer cable
1 x Warranty Card

Product details of Epson LQ-2190 A3 Dot Matrix Printer ( 24 Pin / 480 Cps / 136 Columns / 1 + 5 Copies Epson LQ2190

  • Print Method:Impact dot matrix
  • Control Panel:6 switches and 10 LEDs are located on the panel
  • Print Direction:Bi-direction with logic seeking
  • Number of Pins in Head:24 pins
  • Control Code:ESC/P2 and IBM PPDS emulation
  • High Speed Draft:10 cpi: 480 cps
  • 12 cpi: 576 cps
  • Draft:10 cpi: 360 cps
  • 12 cpi: 432 cps
  • 15 cpi: 540 cps
  • (Condensed) 17 cpi: 308 cps
  • (Condensed) 20 cpi: 360 cps
  • Letter Quality:10 cpi: 120 cps
  • 12 cpi: 144 cps
  • 15 cpi: 180 cps
  • (Condensed) 17 cpi: 205 cps
  • (Condensed) 20 cpi: 240 cp
  • MVBF:40 million lines (except print head)
  • MTBF:20,000 Power On Hours (POH) (25% Duty)
  • Printhead Life:400 million strokes/wire
Epson LQ-2190 A3 Dot Matrix Printer ( 24 Pin / 480 Cps / 136 Columns / 1 + 5 Copies Epson LQ2190
Epson LQ-2190 A3 Dot Matrix Printer ( 24 Pin / 480 Cps / 136 Columns / 1 + 5 Copies Epson LQ2190

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