Water Pitcher Jugs Replacement Filter

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Size measurement : 12(H)x4.7(W)

The 4 step filtration system is designed to reduce temporary water hardness and impurities like aluminium, chlorine, lead and pesticides.

1. The preliminary filter eliminates suspended particles in water.

2. The activated carbon removes the odor and taste of chlorine.

3. Ion exchange resin reduces limescale and pollutants such as heavy metals.

4. Finally the filtration net at the base completes the filtration process.


Step 1.

Wash hands before unwrapping and handling the filter. Soak filter in water for 10 minutes.

Step 2.

Ensure the silicone ring is properly positioned in the rim of the filter. Place the filter into the recess in the middle of the jug.

Step 3.

Pour water into the jug until full, then pour out. Repeat this again once. It is normal for carbon and resin dust to appear the first couple of times you fill the jug

Step 4.

Set the counter on top of the lid of remind you when to change the filter again. Remember that the filter needs to be changed every 35 days - based on average daily.

Water Pitcher Jugs Replacement Filter

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