【FUTURE LAB - 未來實驗室】 T-Lamp Monitor Light Bar

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Product Information

【 Product features 】
  • FutureLab. The newly developed TLamp twin hanging lamp,
  • Double deformation design allows you to enjoy the screen hanging lamp/eye protection lamp at the same time,
  • The screen does not reflect light to effectively avoid glare problems, block blue and violet light to reduce eye burden, three-stage color temperature switch in one second,
  • 180 degree Angle adjustment to meet your life needs, USB Type-C interface for all kinds of device scenarios, your all-weather light assistant.
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Contents List
  • USB Type-C Cable x1
  • Manual x1
  • Warranty Card x1

Product Specifications
  • Product Material: Aluminum alloy, ABS
  • Base Size
  • Length of Light Tube
  • Height of Task Lamp
  • Length of Type-C Cable
  • Product Weight
  • Power Input
  • Rated Power
  • Luminous Flux
  • Product Illumination
  • Color temperature
  • Warm White
  • Natural White
  • Day White
  • Power/ Mode button
  • Brightness Adjustment Device
  • Type-C Port
1. Connect the product with Type-C cable and press the power button to switch on. Press the power button for 3 seconds to switch off.
2. The product equipped with 3 light modes, press the power/ mode button to switch between warm white, natural white and day white.
3. There are 5 adjustable levels for brightness. Gently slide to the right to adjust the brightness of the light source.
4. Adjust the telescopic bracket to hang lamp mode (Diagram 1) or task lamp mode (Diagram 2) according to different usage habits.
5. If the hang lamp mode is use on the monitor screen, it can only be used on desktop screens above 18 inches and not suitable for laptops.

1. Please do not place the product in a high temperature or humid environment.
2. Please do not look directly to the light source for a long time to avoid eye injury.
3. Please ensure that the product is placed in a stable state when using or storing to avoid slipping and cause damage.
4. Do not repair, disassemble or modify the product by yourself. If there is any abnormality in use, please contact customer service staff for assistance.
5. Please keep the product away from flammable and explosive objects when using it.
6. Do not use aggressive chemicals, detergents and other chemicals during the cleaning process.
7. Wipe the product appearance with a dry cloth to clean it.
8. Please do not use this product in poor physical and mental conditions or allow children to use the product alone.
9. In order to ensure a better user experience, prevent harm to users or others and avoid financial losses, please do not change the way of product's usage and firmly follow all the instructions above."

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