LOHAS Natural Black Salt (500gm)

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1X LOHAS Natural Black Salt (500gm)

Black salt, a type of rock sat, composed largely of sodium chloride with several other components lending the salt its color and smell. Black salt has many benefits and acts as a cooling spice and recommended as a treatment for many health issues. It is very popular in India, Middle East, France, Japan and Spain. Its also called as Black lava salt, kala namak salt or sanchal and is a type of volcanic rock salt. Its commonly used in Asian countries surrounding the Himalayan Mountains like India and Pakistan. Its been used for hundreds of years as traditional medicine, for cooking and as a beauty aid. In the hot, arid climate of the Middle East and India, people tend to perspire profusely. Sweat generally contains important electrolytes, including sodium. Thus people of these dry sweltering atmospheres consume black salt in foods or liquids to ensure proper sodium-potassium balance. Benefits of Indian black salt must not to be confused with Hawaiian black salt, smoked sea salt or black salt used in Wiccan ceremonies (for jinx removing).

Traditionally, black salt was processed with heat, charcoal and plant material, yielding a dark crystal rich in sulfide compounds. Modern manufacturing processes can make the salt synthetically, which looks similar to the traditional form, but has lesser mineral content.

What is Black Salt made of?

Black salt consists primarily of sodium chloride, around 97%, which is the main component of table salt and 3% iron which partially contributes to its distinctive colour. In its rock form, the mineral appears dark brownish pink to dark violet colour. When ground, it may become a pinkish-grey or light purple in colour. It has other trace elements like sulfates, sulphides and magnesium. The hydrogen sulfide provides its distinctive smell (said to resemble that of hard-boiled egg yolks).

  • Premium Quality
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Ingredients: Black Salt

Product of Pakistan

LOHAS Natural Black Salt (500gm)
LOHAS Natural Black Salt (500gm)

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