Lohas Organic Black Glutinous Rice (500g)

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  • 100% Organic
  • No Herbicides
  • No Pesticides
  • Rich in Protein

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Size (length*width*height): 15cm x 8cm x 17cm

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1 XLohas Organic Black Glutinous Rice (500g)

** All Lohas rice will come without vacuum packagingdue to a shortage of packaging material during this MCO period.

Red purple glutinous rice is purple rice, which is a variety of rice. The rice porridge made of purple rice is fragrant and oily, soft and glutinous and palatable. Because it is rich in nutrients and has a good tonic effect, it is called "blood-enriching rice" and "longevity rice". Black glutinous rice has high nutritional value and is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B1, B2 and so on. Black glutinous rice has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing qi, and it can be used for long-term eating and fitness, or for making wine.

Ingredient :

Black Glutinous Rice

Lohas Organic Black Glutinous Rice (500g)
Lohas Organic Black Glutinous Rice (500g)

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