LOVE EARTH Red Rice (900gm)

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Love Earth
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  • 100% Natural Rice from Thailand
  • Free of (GMO, Preservative, Pesticide, Chemical)
  • Jakim HALAL Certified
  • KKM Mesti Certified

Product Information

Size (length*width*height): 14cm x 12cm x 20cm

What's in the box:

1 xLOVE EARTH Natural Red Rice (900gm)

Red rice is a special variety of rice that is red in color because it contains anthocyanins. It is generally unhulled which has not been through the process of grinding or flaking skin completely, so the layer of skin that surrounds the grain still exists. This is the layer of skin that contains nutrients and fiber that are important for the body. Red rice has a nutty flavor, and a high nutritional value, as the germ of the rice is left intact.

LOVE EARTH Red Rice 900g

- 100% Rice from Thailand
- Red because Anthocyanins, It reduces Inflammation, Allergy, prevent risks of Cancer
- Free of (GMO, Herbicide, Preservative, Pesticide, Chemical), but Free Healthy!
- Jakim HALAL Certified, KKM Mesti Certified

LOVE EARTH Red Rice (900gm)
LOVE EARTH Red Rice (900gm)
LOVE EARTH Red Rice (900gm)
LOVE EARTH Red Rice (900gm)
LOVE EARTH Red Rice (900gm)
LOVE EARTH Red Rice (900gm)
LOVE EARTH Red Rice (900gm)

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