MOMMY J Organic Soy Sauce (220g)

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Size (length*width*height): 8cm x 8cm x 21cm

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1 xMOMMY J Organic Soy Sauce (220g)

Mommy J Organic Soy Sauce is TRADITIONALLY FERMENTED using large urns for more than 6 MONTHS. It is the SAFEST CHOICE in comparison to most common soy sauce in the market. Most of these soy sauce contained high level of 3-MCPD which found to damage the kidneys, decrease fertility and cause tumour.

Mommy J Organic Soy Sauce MADE FROM ONLY 5 INGREDIENTS: Organic Soybean, Organic Wheat Flour, Sea Salt, Sugar Cane and Filter Water with NO ADDED Fructose,Plant Based Extract, Fruit Based Extract, Alcohol Preservatives, Corn Syrup, Caramel and Colouring and many more.

Mommy J Organic Soy Sauce comes with UNION DISPENSE CONTROL feature to ensure children have an adequate sodium level. According Recommended Nutrient Intake of Malaysia 2017, maximum level of daily sodium intake for children above 1 year old is 1000mg per day. We recommended 3 drops of Mommy J Organic Soy Sauce to be added in every childrens' meal which is about 59.6mg of sodium only (5.9% of daily consumption). The CHILDREN FRIENDLY SOY SAUCE not only allow the children to taste delicious meal but also controlling the intake of sodium and eat comfortably and healthy. Stay safe and healthy with Mommy J.

*For Kids: recommended 1 year old and above

MOMMY J Organic Soy Sauce (220g)
MOMMY J Organic Soy Sauce (220g)
MOMMY J Organic Soy Sauce (220g)
MOMMY J Organic Soy Sauce (220g)
MOMMY J Organic Soy Sauce (220g)

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