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Sin Boon Kee Kopi-O Coffee Powder 新文记咖啡乌粉 500gOur famous traditional Kopi-O (black coffee) that has served Penangites for more than half a century. It distinctive aroma and superb coffee has now become a taste every Penangites are familiar with. Without any artificial coloring/flavouring, no anti cacking agent and preservatives, we promise to provide coffee lovers the best original coffee taste as possible. Since its success and confidence, we have expanded into coffee products that Kopi-O lovers are able to enjoy out of Kopitiams, which is our 2 in 1 and Kosong.

新文记已为槟城人提供了着名的新文记传统咖啡乌多过半个世纪。它独特的香气和精湛的咖啡现在已经成为每个槟城人都熟悉的味道。 没添加任何人工色素/调味剂,防粘剂和防腐剂,我们承诺尽可能为咖啡爱好者提供最好的咖啡原味咖啡。 自新文记的成就,我们将产品扩展到Kopi-O爱好者能够在咖啡店以外享用我们的咖啡,即是我们的2合1和Kosong。

•Brand: SIN BOON KEE•PENANG OLDEST COFFEE FACTORY (Since 1944)•100% Penang Black Coffee (Kopi-O)•Hand Roasted with Authentic Traditional Method•Special Recipe Roasted with Butter•Freshly Packed Directly from Factory•Premium Quality•Concentrated (Kaw) Taste•Retro Packaging with Aluminium Foil to preserve freshness•Strong Nostalgic Coffee Aroma

•品牌:新文记•槟城最古老的咖啡工厂(自1944年起)•100%槟城黑咖啡 (咖啡乌)•传统正宗方式人工烘烤•独门秘方与牛油烘烤•直接从工厂出产新鲜包装•优良品质•浓郁的味道•铝箔的复古包装可保持咖啡的新鲜•浓郁的怀旧咖啡香气Note: Sugar is added at the end of the Kopi-O roasting process to provide a caramelized finish and takeaway any bitter aftertaste and it does not serve to increase the sugar levels of the Kopi-O. The result is a richer and more fragrant coffee than Western-style coffee.

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