FingerTec DIY Metal Casing for Ingressus

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  • zinc metal
  • protect Ingressus, switching power supplyaway from interruption.

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Size (length*width*height): 45cm x 30cm x 4cm

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  • 1 xFingerTec DIY Metal Casing for Ingressus

Product details ofFingerTec DIY Metal Casing for Ingressus

FingerTec DIY Metal Casing for Ingressus continues to deploy the same Do-it-Yourself concept as the general purpose FingerTec DIY Metal Casing, but is now designed to house Ingressus Controller together with its power supply and backup battery to ease installation. The casing is made of Zinc Alloy, embossed with the FINGERTEC logo inception, and comes with a din rail to hold Ingressus Controller. It provides a pleasant looking faade when installed on a wall, or can be concealed above the ceiling. The DIY design makes installation a breeze and also helps to reduce space and absorb impact during transportation.

FingerTec DIY Metal Casing for Ingressus
FingerTec DIY Metal Casing for Ingressus

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