AB Muscle Toner Mobile Gym EMS 6 Pack Training for Abdomen/Arm/Leg

AB Muscle Toner Mobile Gym EMS 6 Pack Training for Abdomen/Arm/Leg
  • AB Muscle Toner Mobile Gym EMS 6 Pack Training for Abdomen/Arm/Leg
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EMS pulses tones your 6-pack while you relax
This muscle toner can help to tone, tighten and strengthen your body muscles
The EMS 6 Pack Muscle Trainer is a revolutionary product proven to tone your stomach muscles without having to engage in physical exercise.
Wear it while you carry on with your daily tasks, or simply while you sit back and relax.
The EMS tones your stomach muscles using advanced EMS technology. EMS, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, is a clinically proven effective method for training body muscles through the targeted directing of electronic pulses
-Power: 2* AAA battery/ stimulator ( not included), total 6* AAA battery ( 3 stimulator)
-Package included: 3 x stimulator, 1 x abdominal patch, 2 x arm patch, 1 x user manual
-Note: Replacement gel pad after some time of used to ensure maximum effectiveness and comfort during your workouts
Especially suitable for:
★ 1. Sports lovers
★ 2. Fitness Enthusiasts
★ 3. Commuters, White collars, no time for gyming
★ 4. Lose weight faster
★ 5. Post-partum and more
Operation steps:
1. Open the battery cover, insert 2pcs batteries.
2. Put the device on the gel pad by the snap on button.
3. Remove the plastic sleeve and attach the gel pads to your stomach between your ribs and hips. Allow the six branches of the pad to target your six core stomach muscles.
4. Push the ON button to start, then select Mode by pressing the “PROGRAM” button repeatedly. Every time you press the “PROGRAM” button a different LED will light up indication one of the 6 programmed exercise routines. Choose the program as your desired.
5. Push the ON/+ button several times to carefully increase the intensity. You will notice a tingling sensation prior to the muscle contracting. Once the muscle is contracing it will be peasant and relaxing. Adjust the intensity according to your comfort level You should feel a strong but comfortable contraction of the muscle.
The intensity has 10 steps. With every push of the button ON/+ you increase the intensity by one step, with every push of the button OFF/- you decrease the intensity by one step.
6. To switch the unit off, press the OFF button several times, until the LED lights go off.
Please Note:
About the abdomen pads that is contain 6 branches, the vibration of the top 4 pads is very strong, the bottom of 2 pads is not strong, you may not feel it vibrate. But it is vibrate in fact, which is designed on the tolerance of the abdomen.
​1. The low frequency is suitable to 12 minuts one time and 2-3 times a day, if used it a long time or feel harder with impetus, then you will feel tired at moment.
2. It is able to avoid 30 minutes after dinner, and favour to do after shower or warm washing.
3. Please turn off power after using.
4. Please attach adhesive gel pad to pad holder(to prevent adhsive pad for drying,which must paste it pad holder)
5. The dirty point and etc on case should be cleaned by wet cloth by neutral cleaning material and wiped it by drying cloth again.
6. Do not keep in sunchine, hot temperature and humidity, wet and dust place, closer fire, or shocking place etc.
7. To keep it by children who can not touch.
8. If does not use it for a long time. Please separate battery from machine and store it at other place.
Note that the following persons cannot be used!
- After childbirth (see heading After Childbirth)
- Persons using a heart pacemaker or with cardiac condition
- Epilepsy
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Phlebitis in its active phase(Inflammation of a vein)
- Where tissue is inflamed through disease or injury
- Recent scar tissue
- Varicose veins in its later stages
- Those who have skin abnormalities
Do not use the device if you feel not comfortable
Do not use the device when you are in physiotherapy
Please read the user manual carefully before using
Please keep the massager in the place out of the reach of children.

Q. Where can I apply the adhesive electrode pads?
A. You can apply the adhesive electrode pads to anywhere on your body, except the heart and brain area, the front of the neck, or directly on an open or bleeding wound.
Q. The electrode pads are not sticking well, what can I do?
A. Ensure that the protective plastic film covering the electrode pad adhesive surface has been removed. Your pads may have dried out. The adhesive gel on the electrode pads should be moist. The pads will eventually dry out from use and will need to be replaced. To extend the life of your pads, place a few drops of water on each pad after use and immediately apply the protective film to prevent them from drying out or picking up dirt. For best results, replace your electrode pads often.
Q. Why do I, on occasion, feel stinging sensations from the pads?
A. Worn out electrode pads are the most common cause. 
Try replacing your worn pads with a new set. The sensation should be mild and soothing, not stinging. Electrodes pad must be moist and sticky to work. Pads that have dried out may produce a weak and stinging sensation. Try placing a few drops of water onto the pads. Wipe the surface with your finger, allow any excess water to dry and then apply immediately to your skin. Make sure that the electrode pads are making firm and full contact with your skin.

 For best results, replace your pads often.
Q. I can hardly feel anything from the electrode pads, what am I doing wrong?
A. Check for a firm wire connection on the pads and make sure the plug is securely plugged into the post of the unit.
2. Turn the unit off before adjusting or plugging in the lead wires to prevent sudden, intense stimulation.
3. Make sure that the battery has been charged.
4. Check to ensure the electrode pads are moist and not worn out.
5. Turn the unit off, then turn back on again.
Please make sure both electrode pads are attached to the same person’s body, in order to feel the sensation.
Q. I have a pacemaker or defibrillator, is this product safe for me to use?
A. No, unfortunately, muscle stimulators should not be used by those with a pacemaker or defibrillator.
Q. How long can I use this?
A. You can use it as often as you like. An average treatment session should last between 10-40 minutes. We recommend you use your muscle stimulator a minimum of 20 minutes to achieve results but not more that 60 minutes on the same area to prevent muscle fatigue. We recommend using your device 1 to 3 times per day for best results.
Q. Do I need to ask my doctor first before using the device?
A. Our devices are not intended to replace any professional health care.

 When in doubt, we recommend that you consult with your health practitioner first.
AB Muscle Toner Mobile Gym EMS 6 Pack Training for Abdomen/Arm/Leg
AB Muscle Toner Mobile Gym EMS 6 Pack Training for Abdomen/Arm/Leg
AB Muscle Toner Mobile Gym EMS 6 Pack Training for Abdomen/Arm/Leg
AB Muscle Toner Mobile Gym EMS 6 Pack Training for Abdomen/Arm/Leg

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