(charme)Charme Korean pop childlike style Christmas series modeling duckbill clip XS04

(charme)Charme Korean pop childlike style Christmas series modeling duckbill clip XS04

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漂亮 強眼

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Brand: CHARME Material: Resin Crystal Rhinestone Size: As shown Package & Accessories: OPP Bag Note: 1. product color due to the different colors of each screen, the number will be slightly off color, with real products based, please note 2. User with special needs (ring circumference, packaging, specify delivery dates, etc.), please fill in the address rear, thank you! 3. With regard to the purchase of the use of commodity damage repair: Suppliers will depend on the assessment of the extent of damage repair, charge a basic fee! (For service, please write to us at this site call center, customer service staff will assess the extent of damage to manufacturers to decide whether to repair) 4. Maintenance recommendation: usually housed please put jewelry box or zipper bags sealed in the absence of air, may be extended with wear life

漂亮 強眼

品牌:CHARME 材質:樹脂 水晶鑽   尺寸:如圖 包裝&配件:OPP袋 備註: 1.產品顏色因每台螢幕顏色的不同,多少會有些微色差,以實品為主,請網友注意 2.如有特殊需求(戒圍、包裝、指定送貨日期等)請於地址後方加註,謝謝! 3.關於購買使用後商品毀損維修:供應商將視損壞程度評估修護,酌收基本工本費!(若需維修請來信至本站客服中心,客服人員將通知廠商評估損壞範圍決定是否維修) 4.保養建議:平時收納請置於珠寶飾品盒中或封存於夾鍊袋隔絕空氣,可延長配戴的壽命

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