(DF8201-Red) Difrax, Combi Teether - Cooled

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(DF8201-Red) Difrax, Combi Teether - Cooled
  • (DF8201-Red) Difrax, Combi Teether - Cooled
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  • Teething ring contributes to jaw development and for good oral care

  • Easy for tiny baby hands to grasp

  • A bumpy surface structure massages the gums.

  • PVC and BPA free

  • Filled with safe, sterilised water

RM 29.90

Product Information

Size (length*width*height): 11cm x 1cm x 15cm

What's in the box:

1 xDifrax, Combi Teether - Cooled

Product With Box(Size): 11cm(L) x 1cm(W) x 15cm(H)

The Difrax Combi Teether Combi consists of a hard and a water-filled area. The hard part has a bumpy surface structure that massages the gums. The teething ring can be chilled, providing babies additional relief for their teething pain.

This teething toy is easy for tiny baby hands to grasp. To cool: place the Difrax water filled teething ring in the refrigerator - not the freezer - for half an hour. The Difrax combi teether is filled with safe, sterilised water.

(DF8201-Red) Difrax, Combi Teether - Cooled
(DF8201-Red) Difrax, Combi Teether - Cooled

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