(MYBABY)MYBABY happy friends series shirt (red)

(MYBABY)MYBABY happy friends series shirt (red)

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◆100%純棉製造好放心 ◆快樂的朋友系列紅色格子襯衫 ◆純棉材質穿著舒適又透氣 ◆知性風的可愛男孩必備款

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?? Product Name: [World] love red plaid shirt / 6-12 years old ?? Product Features: Using cotton material, red checkered pattern, wear comfortable and breathable, prop coffin intellectual temperament, and the boy's cute, is scorching summer the best choice for day wear ?? Product Specifications: ?? Material: 100% Cotton ?? Color: Red ?? Size: 6-year-old 110-115 cm / 120-125 cm 8 years / 10 years 130-135 cm / 140-150 cm in 12 years ?? Origin: China ?? Washing Instructions: Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean. Weak speed shorten wash washing away. Avoid the use of a solvent detergent containing bleach. Suggestion of light and dark clothing to be washed separately.

※商品名稱:【愛的世界】紅色格子襯衫/6~12歲 ※商品特色:採用純棉材質,紅色格紋圖樣,穿起來舒適又透氣,櫬托知性氣質,及男孩的可愛,是炎炎夏日穿著的最佳選擇 ※商品規格: ◆材質:100%棉 ◆顏色:紅色 ◆尺寸:6歲110-115公分/8歲120-125公分/10歲130-135公分/12歲140-150公分 ※產地:中國 ※洗滌說明:不可烘乾。不可乾洗。弱速洗滌縮短洗程。避免使用含有漂白溶劑的洗劑。建議淺色與深色衣物分開洗滌。

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