[TAITRA] [Bling Q] Black And White Contrast Colours Personalized Style Long Necklace

[TAITRA] [Bling Q] Black And White Contrast Colours Personalized Style Long Necklace

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獨特設計款項鍊 日韓最流行配件 閃耀亮眼超搶眼氣質

Product Information

[Bling Q]桃麗黑白撞色個性造型長鍊

Product Specifications Brand: Bling Q] Size: Chain length 66CM contents: a necklace Material: fine plated alloy + rhinestone Note: E This product is based on personal health problems, after unpacking use Shu can not be returned, in order to ensure that the next customer interests. The E seven days appreciation period Returns Please maintain product integrity, be grateful if gifts, accessories returned with, if lack of parts, merchandise damaged incomplete happens, Notice Returns. E commodity image file color computer monitors set up slightly different to the actual product colors prevail, please forgive me.

商品規格 品牌:【Bling Q】 尺寸:鍊長66CM 內容物:項鍊一條 材質:精鍍合金+水鑽 備註: ‧本商品基於個人衛生問題,經拆封使用後恕無法退換,以確保下一位顧客權益。 ‧七天鑑賞期內退換貨請保持商品完整性,若有贈品、配件煩請一起退回,若有缺件、商品毀損不完整情況發生,恕無法退換貨 。 ‧商品圖檔顏色因電腦螢幕設定差異會略有不同,以實際商品顏色為準,請見諒 。

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