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Product Information

GINTELL DeSpace UFO Royal Blue Massage Chair is fused with a perfect hybrid of humanized massage & modern technology to provide you a relaxing yet effective full body massage experience that sure to make you feel over the moon.

6 pieces Ai Massage Roller Balls

Incorporated with Quad 3D Massage Roller Balls that comes with 12cm auto- protrusion that enhances your massage experience by providing you with a one of its kind humanized massage.

Aero V-Track

With an extension of 135cm, it provides you a 45% extra massage coverage that reaches your thigh and buttock area while also offers you the flexibility to adjust the rollers from your head down to your thighs.

180 Degree Space Stretch

An advanced chiropractic concept programme that helps relieve stress and tension on your spine and muscle areas.

Tapping & Kneading Massage Technique

Providing you an intensed yet relaxing massage to help loosen up your body muscles and soothe your back after a long day work

Rolling Shiatsu Massage

Massage your back in a back & forth vertical motion, giving you a nice, comfortable & relaxing sensation on your entire back area

Air Pressure Massage

helps improve blood circulation, removes toxins, alleviate pain and swelling around our body areas including our shoulder, arms, waist, foot and calf area

Pampering Airbag Massage System

- Total 66 units

- Puts pressure on your body by compressing to loosen muscle tension & heaviness.

- Located on shoulder, lower back, arms and calf area

Bluetooth operating system & Music therapy

- Allows you to connect, play, and listen to your own favourite music while enjoy a relaxing massage

Negative ions & Air Quality Sensing System

360 degree rotational calf massage & full 3D foot Guasa

Foot reflexology tha covers 360 degrees around the foot & calves helps detoxification while improving blood & oxygen flow to all organs, strengthens immune & respiratory system

XV Track Tech

Measuring at 135cm in length, is capable of providing 48% extra body massage coverage for your neck, shoulder, back, waist, & hips area.

6 Unique Massage Programmes


• Space Stretch

• Rest & Spa

• Sports

• Neck & Shoulder

• Waist & Buttocks

Safety Features

ABS Casing (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Smart Microprocessor

Microfiber Leather

Product Specification

Product name: De space UFO

Model number: GT9009

Voltage: AC220-240V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Power Consumption: 260W

Net Weight: 152kg


Upright: 155cm (I) x 85cm (W) x 120 cm (H)

Reclined: 200cm (I) x 85cm (W) x 99cm (H)

Colour: Royale Blue

[FREE Shipping] GINTELL DéSpace UFO Massage Chair
[FREE Shipping] GINTELL DéSpace UFO Massage Chair
[FREE Shipping] GINTELL DéSpace UFO Massage Chair
[FREE Shipping] GINTELL DéSpace UFO Massage Chair
[FREE Shipping] GINTELL DéSpace UFO Massage Chair
[FREE Shipping] GINTELL DéSpace UFO Massage Chair

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