[FREE Shipping] GINTELL DéVano Lux Massage Sofa (New Launch 2022)

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Product Information

GINTELL DéVano Lux Massage Sofa provides you a smart massage experience with its high tech and super convenient functions and it is most suitable for elderly people.

Ai Voice Control

  • Comes with a Voice Speaker that ‘listens’ and ‘speaks’ in response to your command
  • Consists of function that is extra convenient for elderly people

Auto 3D Massage Roller Ball

  • Protrusion up to 11cm, providing great coverage of humanized massage, giving a comfortable yet intensive massage experience
  • Equipped with 4 different massage techniques
  1. Kneading: for relaxation, effectively soothe your muscles, provide relief for your mental tension
  2. Tapping: intense yet effective massage that promotes blood circulation
  3. Knead & Tap: suitable for people who wants both a relaxing yet effective massage after a long hectic day’s work
  4. Rolling: provides a different massage sensation yet is equally effective to promote blood circulation


  • It has an 133cm in length SV-Track that is meant to provide you a maximum massage coverage from your neck, shoulder, back, waist, buttock, and thigh area.

ZERO Gravity

  • Gives you the feel of what is like to be floating in the air and provides you a comfortable angle via a reclining position that is all healthy and relaxing

Palm Massage

  • Via a combination of real-touch and air pressure, it aims to provide you with a comprehensive acupuncture experience on your palms

Hips & Calf Air Pressure

  • Specially designed air pressure massage system to improve your pelvic alignment while also providing butt shaping exercise

Heat Therapy

  • Promotes blood circulation and better metabolism, providing additional comfort to your waist and calves area

3 Auto Programme

  • You can massage with its 3 especially built-in auto programmes with just one button
  1. Healthcare (Red)
  2. Mental Care (Green)
  3. Lower body Care (Yellow)

Manual Programme

You take control of which part you want to have a massage

  1. Kneading (Red)
  2. Tapping (Green)
  3. Knead & Tap (Yellow)
  4. Rolling (No Light)

Spot Massage

Provides flexibility through its adjustable massage setting, set at a particular massage spot to accommodate for your individual massage preferences.

Titan Backseat Design

Provide Extra 10% Massage coverage for your maximum comfort

Additional Accessories

  • USB Charging Port
  • Bluetooth music system

Product Specification

Name: GINTELL DéVano Lux

Model: GT9900

Rated Time: 15 min

Power: 96W

Weight: N61kg / G76kg

Rated Voltage: 220V – 50Hz

Body Material: Plastic Metal

Measurement: 1165 x 750 x 1140mm

Main Fabric: Synthetic Leather

Colour: Rose Pink / Royal Blue

[FREE Shipping] GINTELL DéVano Lux Massage Sofa (New Launch 2022)

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