Gen Game NEW S3 Bluetooth Phone Holder Gamepad

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  • 1. The product supports iOS Android device direct connection and direct play, Wireless connection does not need redundant game platform and complicated setup and activation operation! Especially for stimulating the battlefield PUBG King's glory Wilderness action mobile game design Directly connected to play (support Android 6.0 or above, iOS11.0 -13.3 system)
  • 2. Support Android system, IOS system domestic and foreign mobile phone directly connected to play directly, download V3 can customize the settings button (iOS 13.4 can not support)
  • 3. This product is compatible with Android / iOS, Win 7/8/10 system mobile tablet, Win 7/8/10 PC Bluetooth connection When playing wirelessly with a PS3 game console, it plays a role in game operations (For PC and PS3 need a bluetooth receiver and The receiver needs to be purchased separately)
  • 4. Built-in high-performance lithium battery, continuous use for more than 15 hours, full power up to 30 days, adapt to the market mainstream game platform, perfectly compatible with 360 joystick, precise positioning
  • 5. Wireless transmission is more than 8 meters, the integrated lever telescopic bracket (stretching degree ≥ 75mm) structure is ergonomic and comfortable to handle
Gen Game NEW S3 Bluetooth Phone Holder Gamepad

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