Comfort Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Blossom Fresh Refill (800ml)

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Comfort Ultra Introducing new Comfort concentrated fabric conditioner, the fresh range of fabric softeners now available in Malaysia and a brand loved by families from all around the world. Comfort Ultra with amazing 5 in 1 benefits help keep clothes with longer lasting freshness, amazing softness, new for longer and shape retention. With the new Encapsulated Fresh Release Technology, its micro-size fragrance capsules infiltrate clothing during wash cycles remain smelling fresher for longer and that they even release burst of freshness as you move throughout the whole day! Hand Wash 1. Use After washing with the detergent and rinsing. 2. Pour 1/2 cap of Comfort Luxury Nature in 10L of Water 3. Soak clothes for 10-15 mins. 4. Squeeze the clothes and dry them. Machine Wash 1. Use 1 cap of Comfort Luxury Nature 2. Follow the washing machine instructions. Storage: Preserve in cool places and avoid direct sunlight.
Comfort Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Blossom Fresh Refill (800ml)
Comfort Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Blossom Fresh Refill (800ml)

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