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Product Information

GINTELL CyberTREK Pro Treadmill is equipped with the most ideal running technology to provide you a maximum level of comfort during your workout sessions

6-pcs Honeycomb Cushion Absorption Technology

  • Made of extremely strong natural rubber compound
  • Absorb exercise and shock impact by 60%
  • Has an in-built honeycomb cushioning technology that gives you the comfort of running on a pair of branded sport shoes

Speed Capacity

  • Runs at a maximum speed of 22km/h
  • Fit for everyone from all levels of fitness capacity starting from beginner to to professional athlete

  1. Beginner – 1-3km/h
  2. Amateur – 4-7km/h
  3. Intermediate – 8-10km/h
  4. Proficient – 11-14km/h
  5. Expert – 15-18km/h
  6. Elite – 19-22km/h

Heart Rate Control (HRC)

Just by grabbing the pulse rate handle, you get to monitor your heart rate as you workout on the treadmill

Anti-Slip Running Mat

  • Made of 6 pcs High Density Rubber (HDR Cushioning)
  • Consists of three-layered shock absorbent running mat that provides additional protection against floor damages due to the pressure of the heavy weight
  • Noise reducing: allows you to conduct your workout without needing to worry about disturbing anyone at your surroundings
  • Impact Protection: provides you a safer and more comfortable running platform for a smoother workout experience

Design & Display

  • 8” LCD Blue Yellow Screen – Body Fat Programme, 36 pre-set programmes, 3 customize programmes
  • Foldable design – foldable and moveable design that allows you to save more space when not in use. Its perfect for a compact house that has limited space area
  • Soft Drop Impact – to unfold the treadmill, gently press down and hands free, the treadmill will slowly lower on its own

Auto Sleep Function

  • The screen will automatically turn off when the treadmill is not in use for 4 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Press any key at the console to restart and your previous setting will be restored.

Health Benefits

  • Reduce impact
  • Weight loss
  • Prevent diseases
  • Improve joint flexibility
  • Relieve stress and depression
  • Improve cardiovascular health

Additional Accessories

  • 1 Ipad holder + 2 Bottle Holder – giving you utmost convenience to put your essential personal belongings in a safe place while you enjoy your workout session
  • Built-in Dual channel mp3
  • Cooling fan – keeps you feeling fresh and rejuvenated after a hectic work out session
  • 4 moving wheels – portable, space saving, and ease mobility of the equipment

Product Specification

Product name: CyberTREK Pro

Model number: FT477

Motor: 3.0CHP/ Peak 4.5HP

Rated Voltage: AC220-240V/50/60Hz

Speed Range: 1.0 – 22KM/H

Body Fat Measuremet: Yes

Treadmill Weight: 122KG

Running Surface: 145CM x 51CM

Joint Protection Technology: Honeycomb Cushioning System (6 pieces)

Running Deck: HDF (High Density Fibreboard)

Colour: Modern steel Metallic

Maximum User Weight: 150KG


Unfold 198CM(L) X 92CM(W) X 150CM(H)

Folded 140CM(L) X 90CM(W) X 172CM(H)

[FREE Shipping] GINTELL CyberTREK Pro X Treadmill
[FREE Shipping] GINTELL CyberTREK Pro X Treadmill
[FREE Shipping] GINTELL CyberTREK Pro X Treadmill
[FREE Shipping] GINTELL CyberTREK Pro X Treadmill
[FREE Shipping] GINTELL CyberTREK Pro X Treadmill
[FREE Shipping] GINTELL CyberTREK Pro X Treadmill

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