Mewah Baby Pumpkin Pasta 170g

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Origin: Local

Expiry Date: More than 15 months

Certifications: Halal Certified

Mewah Baby Pumpkin Pasta 170g

Ingredients: Wheat flour and Pumpkin

Here are some benefits in Baby Pumpkin Pasta:-
- High in Vitamin A, B, C and E
- High in fiber and help improve digestion
- Strengthen immunity and boost immune system
- High in minerals such as Iron, Folate, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Manganese and Protein
- Promote heart, eyesight and skin health
- Good source of Antioxidants

About this products:-
- Suitable for 8 months
- Contains gluten wheat
- Not recommended for babies with history of wheat allergy or gluten intolerance

Superbrands 2018 & 2019
Top Excellence Brand 2020 & 2021

MEWAH is a heritage FMCG company established since 1984 to promote healthy eating and lifestyle through our premium quality ‘Grains of Goodness’ in Malaysia. We supply our products to Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers, Hotel, Restaurants and Individual customers.

The MEWAH Brand Name is Symbolic of Family, Celebration of a Healthy Lifestyle and Products Fit for Royalty!

MEWAH stands for "wealth" in Bahasa Malaysia, our national language. The name encapsulates the brand's origin and core value: good health is the ultimate "wealth" we all aim to achieve for ourselves and our loved ones. Without health, abundance isn't possible. Hence MEWAH aim to elevate the love and appreciation of premium health grains by all, far and wide. For superheroes are not born, but grown with every new lesson, experience, and serving of pure-to-goodness grains they consume!
Mewah Baby Pumpkin Pasta 170g
Mewah Baby Pumpkin Pasta 170g

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