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[IX] Xiaomi Mijia 300ML Mini Juice Blender Portable USB-C Charge Juicer Fruit Cup Food Processor
RM 199.00
RM 76.00

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[IX] Xiaomi ZMI Patch Panel USB interface Support 18W fast charge Smart Home Power Strip
RM 54.90
[IX] Universal High Quality CCTV Camera Mount Stand and Clip
RM 25.90
[IX] Awei P82K Powerbank 10000mAh Fash Charging Dual USB
RM 39.00
[IX] Awei P82K Powerbank 10000mAh Fash Charging Dual USB
RM 39.00
[IX] Stainless Steel Stool Metal Round Chair for In / Outdoor (heavy duty)
RM 35.90
[IX] 10pc High Quality Stainless Steel Cloth Hanger 4mm 3mm (32 40 42 45 50cm)
RM 9.90
XIAOMI MIJIA Electric Shaver S600 Portable IPX7 Washable Men Electric Razor Low Noise Beard Trimmer Cutter Ceramic Blade
RM 279.00
RM 248.00
[IX] Xiaomi Youpin CHAO LED Flashlight Ultra Bright Torch 3 Switch Modes
RM 35.00
[IX] BEHEART Smart Handheld Magnifying Glass Night LED Luminous
RM 38.90
[IX] Nextool Outdoor Wilds Camping Hammer Wooden Handle
RM 75.90
[IX] NexTool Camp Chef Cookware NE20171
RM 159.00
[IX] Xiaomi 90Fun 20" Cabin Travel Business Luggage Suitcase TSA Lock
RM 369.00
[IX] Nextool Multi-Function 6in1 Emergency Hand Crank Radio (Leiyin)
RM 159.00
[IX] NexTool Camp Fun Folding Barbecue Grill NE20183
RM 82.00
[IX] Nextool Light Duty Wrench W1 6 in 1 Multi Tools NE20238
RM 64.00
[IX] NexTool Multifunctional Parking Plate NE20140
RM 29.80
[IX] NexTool Simplicity Zoom LED Flashlight Type-C Charging Torch
RM 49.90
[IX] NexTool Simplicity Zoom LED Flashlight Type-C Charging Torch NE20163
RM 49.90
[IX] NexTool Multifunctional Mini Keychain Pocket Knife Multipurpose Repair Tools
RM 30.90
[IX] Nextool Outdoor Multifunctional Sport Slingshot Combination of Knife [NE20058]
RM 79.00
[IX] Nextool Multifunctional Outdoor Camping Lantern 600 lumens ZBY20001
RM 86.90
[IX] Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Battery 7800mah LG Cell 280wh for Mi Electric Scooter
RM 469.00
[IX] CLEARANCE Portable Travel Luggage Suitcase 20 inch with USB Port Charging, Cup Holder, Hanger (White Colour Only)
RM 258.00
RM 208.00
[IX] Adaptor Power Supply 24V 2.5/3A for TSC 244 Pro Printer
RM 45.00
[IX] TP-Link TL-PS110U Single USB2.0 Print Server
RM 254.00
[IX] Xiaomi Mi Silent Edition Mouse Bluetooth 5.0 2.4G Wireless Side Buttons 1300dpi WXSMSBMW03
RM 46.00
[IX] Back Massager/Back Scratcher Stainless Steel Telescopic Claw Massager
RM 5.90
[IX] Xiaomi Sothing Rechargeable Desktop Fan - Forest Version/Bridal Banquet/Muguet Multi-Function Desktop Fan
RM 64.80
[IX] Replacement Silicone Rubber Sealing Gasket Ring for Pressure Cooker 2.5L
RM 32.90
[IX] 16cm Non-stick Instant Noodle Mini Cooker
RM 28.90
[IX] TSC Original Print Head for TTP-244 Plus & Pro
RM 295.00
[IX] Nextool Multi-purpose Survival Folding Shovel Multitool Self-Defense Outdoor Adventure Camping Fishing Hiking (NE20033/NE20013/NE2026/NE0114)
RM 80.90
[IX] Xiaomi Mijia Travel Suitcase Luggage with a Flat-Top Design 20inch / 24inch
RM 299.00
[IX] SUS304 Thermos Insulated Coffee Mug Cup 380ml/400ml/480ml
RM 15.90
[IX] Nextool Portable Tableware Cutlery Set Ultralight Outdoor Camping Reusable Spoon Fork (NE20132/NE20133)
RM 24.90
[IX] Nextool Multi Functional Induction Flashlight Emergency Light Camp (NE0137)
RM 115.00
[IX] Nextool Multi-functional Survival Safety Rescue Hammer with Powerbank - 4 in 1 Tools (NE0140)
RM 75.00
[IX] NexTool Thunder Searching Rechargeable Flashlight Torch 3600lm 450m 5 Modes IPX7 Waterproof LED Light (NE20168)
RM 263.90
[IX] NexTool Multi Functional EDC 4-in-1 Multitool Folding Knife (NE20021)
RM 73.90
[IX] NexTool Outdoor Multifunctional Nail Clippers EDC Small Pocket Knife Keychain (NE20010/NE20011)
RM 28.90
[IX] NexTool Multifunction Electric Arc & LED Flashlight with Sound Light Alarm Rechargeable Self Defense (NE20040)
RM 104.20
[IX] 6 in 1 Computer Keyboard Cleaning Brush with Keycap Puller Electronics Cleaner Kit Portable Headset Cleaning Tools
RM 22.90
[IX] NexTool TaoTool S KT5015 EDC Box Opener Cutter
RM 20.90
[IX] Nextool Milky Way Camping Lamp 10m Strip Ambient Light
RM 95.00
[IX] Portable Travel Multi-Functional Aluminium Luggage Suitcase 20 Inch
RM 210.00
[IX] NexTool Multi Functional Belt Tool
RM 89.00
[IX] Xiaomi Mi Home EraClean Contact Lens Ultrasonic Cleaner GM01 (White)
RM 76.90
[IX] Laptop Battery for Illegear Ionic 15 Intel/AMD And Other Compatible OEM Models (PF4WN-03-17-3S1P-0)
RM 215.00
[IX] L&W BROS. LAIWANG BROTHERS Pet Hair Suction Electric Clipper Cat Dog Beauty Hair Cutting
RM 73.90
[IX] Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Ultra STYTJ05ZHM Vacuum Cleaner Accessories - Dust Bags/Mop Cloth
RM 29.90
[IX] Binnifa Desktop Audio Computer Stereo Subwoofer Bluetooth Speaker Play3D (Black)
RM 155.00
RM 138.00
[IX] Portable Bladeless Hanging Neck Fan Aromatherapy 3 Speed USB Charging
RM 22.90
[IX] Xiaomi 67W GaN Charger 2C1A PD Fast Charging 1.5m 6A Data Cable Fast Steady Multiple Charging Protection Foldable Pin
RM 99.90
[IX] TSC TTP 244 Pro Desktop Barcode Printer (Black)
RM 649.00
[IX] Awei Type-C To Type-C Fast Charging Cable 3A 60W 480MBPS 1000mm (CL-111T)
RM 8.50
[IX] Nextool 14 in 1 Silver Blade EDC Multi Tool - Silver (NE20182)
RM 90.90
[IX] Nextool EDC Knight 12 In 1 Multifunctional Knife (Black) - NE20153
RM 76.90
[IX] NexTool Multi Functional Bicycle Tool (NE0122)
RM 38.80
[IX] NexTool Flagship Pro Tactics Kydex Sheath - Black (NE20141)
RM 64.90
[IX] NexTool Flagship Pro - Metal/Stonewashed/Blade Replace/Blue (NE0104/NE20120/NE20167/NE20219/NE20217)
RM 149.00
[IX] NexTool Black Knight Multifunctional Pliers (11-in-1) - Black (NE20151/NE20044)
RM 88.00
[IX] NexTool Sailor Pro Multi Tool - Blue (NE20045) / Mini Sailor Pliers - Blue (NE20156) / Scissors Version (NE20237)
RM 59.00
[IX] NexTool Multi Functional Knife (10 in 1) - (NE20096/NE20097/NE20098/NE20099/NE20100)
RM 37.00
[IX] NexTool Multi Functional HeadLamp (NE20004/NE20005)
RM 68.90
[IX] NexTool Flagship Captain Multifunctional Knife - Metal (NE20214)
RM 132.00
[IX] NexTool Gemini 13-in-1 Electric Multitool - Black (NE20213)
RM 178.90
[IX] Nextool Outdoor Strong Light Straight Flashlight (NE20069)
RM 102.90
[IX] NexTool Baymini Mosquito Repelling Camp Lamp (NE20193)
RM 114.90
[IX] NexTool Mini Flagship Multifunctional Pliers (10 in 1) - (NE20178/NE20122/NE20050/NE20051)
RM 86.90
[IX] Nextool Night Walk Headlamp Lighter (NE20101/NE20107/NE20113)
RM 87.90
[IX] Xiaomi Mi Home M365 Electric Scooter Anti-Explosion Solid Tyre Front or Rear Tubeless Tyre
RM 79.00
RM 60.00
[IX] Punkhoo 5 In 1 Portable Food Blender 800W
RM 137.00
[IX] Punkhoo 2 In 1 Coffee Bean Electric Grinder
RM 119.00
[IX] Xiaomi Mi Home Water Purifier Filter Replacement Filter no.1 PP / no.2 CI / no.4 CII
RM 53.90
[IX] Bebird Note 3/Pro/Pro Max Intelligent Visual Ear Stick 1000W Ear Cleaning Endoscope Mini Camera Ear Picker Tool
RM 278.00
[IX] Yoyo Swing Car Anti-Rollover Kiddie Ride Suitable For Adults (Blue)
RM 108.00
[IX] Xiaomi 90fun Vertical Streak Spinner Wheel Luggage Suitcase 24/26/28 inch (Multi Colour)
RM 309.00
[IX] DROPPAR 3 Piece Oil / Vinegar Set 401.934.12 (Frosted Glass,Stainless Steel)
RM 59.90
RM 39.20
[IX] VOXNAN Mug Glass 103.285.92 (Clear)
RM 45.00
RM 25.00