People\'s Choice 32Pcs Leather Stamp Set Indian Lore Leathercraft Stamping Tools Set 1cm Wide Leather Stamping Kit with Detachable Handle for Leatherwork (Standard)
RM 115.21
People\'s Choice 380pcs 9 Sizes E-Clip Circlip External Retaining Ring Assortment Set Black Alloy Steel with Reusable Storage Case (Standard)
RM 62.00
People\'s Choice 3 in 1 TDS EC Water Quality Test Meter Temperature Digital Display for Drinking Water Aquariums Pool Spa (Standard)
RM 61.50
People\'s Choice 34MP Full HD Industrial Electronic Digital Video Microscope Camera for Phone CPU PCB Repairing with Remote Control (Blue)
RM 589.22
People\'s Choice 35M-4400M 4.3 Inch LCD Screen Professional Handheld Simple Spectrum Analyzer Measurement of Interphone Signal (Standard)
RM 729.86
People\'s Choice 3 Lens Desktop Multi-functional 2.5X 5X 16X Welding LED Magnifier Table Lamp Loupe Soldering Repairing Magnifying Tool with 6 LED Light (Multicolor)
RM 149.64
People\'s Choice 34MP Full HD Industrial Electronic Digital Video Microscope Camera for Phone CPU PCB Repairing with Remote Control (Black)
RM 602.43
People\'s Choice 330pcs Embedded Nut Combination Copper Nut M2/M3/M4/M5 Brass Knurled Round Molded-in Insert Nut Packed in Organizer Box (Standard)
RM 88.86
People\'s Choice 200pcs Hex Grub Screws Kit Set Screws 304 Stainless Steel M3/M4/M5/M6/M8 Grub Screw Assortment Packed in Organizer Box (Standard)
RM 51.29
People\'s Choice 25 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Repair Tool Kit for Electronics Cellphone PC Tablet Watch (Standard)
RM 89.36
People\'s Choice 30Pcs/Set Watch Repair Tool Kit Case Opener Remover Screwdriver Spring Bar Watchband Link Pin Wristwatch Repair Tool Set (Standard)
RM 74.79
People\'s Choice 3-in-1 Digital Microscope 1000X Magnification HD 1080P Mobile Phone Microscope with Type-C+Android+Computer 3 in 1 Cable (Standard)
RM 147.50
People\'s Choice 20PCS 18.5mm Plastics 3-linked 18650 Battery Bracket Cylindrical Li-ion Battery-Pack Fixture Anti-vibration Storage Holder (Standard)
RM 41.00
People\'s Choice 17PCS Clutch Alignment Set Van Car Garage Mechanical Alignment Align Tool (Standard)
RM 116.86
People\'s Choice 26pcs 1/4 DR Mini Ratchet Wrench Combination Tool Set Bicycle Motorcycle Repairing Spanner Kit (Standard)
RM 217.43
People\'s Choice 1000X Magnification 4.3\'+String.fromCharCode(34)+\' LCD Display Portable Microscope 720P LED Digital Magnifier with Holder for Circuit Board Repair Soldering Tool (Black)
RM 313.36
People\'s Choice 081 Multifunctional Tool Storage Bag One-shoulder Bag Oxford Cloth Waterproof and Wear-resistant Toolkit Electrician\'s Toolkit (Standard)
RM 94.57
People\'s Choice 2-20Nm 1/4 Preset Torque Wrench Socket Bit Combination 35 in 1 Household Sets Multipurpose Utility Tool Kit Toolbox Hand Tool Sets Bicycle Fix (Standard)
RM 368.72
People\'s Choice 23 in 1 S2 Steel Screwdriver Mobilephone Glasses Camera Laptop Computer Multipurpose Repair Dismantle Tool (Standard)
RM 189.29
People\'s Choice 125PCS/Box Assorted Wire Lugs Kit Includes 65PCS Copper Ring Terminals Crimp Connectors 60PCS Heat Shrink Tube for Vehicle Boat Marine (Standard)
RM 68.64
People\'s Choice 100W Multifunctional Digital Display Electric Gourd Wooden Pyrography Machine with 20pcs Heating Pen Heads (Multicolor)
RM 258.72
People\'s Choice Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner 3 in 1 Metal/Voltage/Stud Detector with LCD Display for Wood Live AC Wire Metal Studs Detection (Blue) (Blue)
RM 124.64
People\'s Choice 16PCS 6-50mm Glass Hole Saw Kit Diamond Coated Core Hole Saw Marble Drill Bit Tile Ceramic Glass Porcelain (Standard)
RM 75.43
People\'s Choice 115-in-1 Screwdriver Set Professional Screwdriver Multifunction Repair Tool Kit for Mobile Phone/Tablet/PC and More (Blue)
RM 105.64
People\'s Choice 3D Rule Square Layout Miter 45 90 Metric Rule Orange (Orange)
RM 38.57
People\'s Choice USB Digital Zoom Microscope Magnifier with OTG Function 8-LED Light Magnifying Glass 1600X Magnification with Stand (Standard)
RM 111.64
People\'s Choice Multifunctional Air Quality Tester CO2 TVOC Meter Temperature Humidity Measuring Device (Standard)
RM 255.86
People\'s Choice Glass Bottle Cutter, Bottle Cutting Tool Kit, DIY Machine for Cutting Wine Bottle for Round, Square Bottle (Standard)
RM 125.64
People\'s Choice Multifunctional 16 Lines Laser Level 3 Self-leveling Function Leveling Tool Omnidirectional Ground and Wall Sticker with Vertical Horizontal Oblique Line (Multicolor)
RM 445.00
People\'s Choice BSIDE ACM92 LCD Digital Clamp Meter 6000 Counts True RMS AC/DC Multimeter Auto Range Mini Handheld Universal Meter Measure and Test AC/DC Voltage/Current Frequency Resistance Continuity Fire Wire V-alert (Standard)
RM 282.22
People\'s Choice Portable Digital Formaldehyde Detector Multifunctional Hygrothermograph PM2.5/PM10 Tester Air Quality Monitor Air Analyzer (Standard)
RM 285.86
People\'s Choice ANENG Mini Digital Lux Meter 0-20,0000 Lux Illuminance Meter LCD Display Handheld Illuminometer High Precision Light Meter Photometer Luxmeter (Standard)
RM 180.14
People\'s Choice ANENG MT88A Clamp Meter Multimeter LCD Digital Universal Meter 1999 Counts Auto Range Handheld DC/AC Voltage Voltmeter 500A AC Current Ammeter Frequency Capacitance Tester NCV Test Data Hold Green Backlit Screen (Standard)
RM 85.64
People\'s Choice Metal Detector Underground Metal Finder Inductor G-old Treasure Hunter Seeker with LCD Display Sound Adjustment 5 Finding Modes Preicse Positioning with Headphone Headwear Batteys Powered Cell Operated Portable (1)
RM 876.43
People\'s Choice BSIDE ZT-5B 6000 Counts High Precision NCV Test Digital Smart Multimeter with BT Function True RMS Universal Tester Measuring DC/AC Voltage DC/AC Current Resistance Capacitance Frequency Diode and Continuity Flashlight -20~1000? Temperatu
RM 182.29
People\'s Choice Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper Multifunctional Snow Shovel Long Rod Deicing Ice Sweep Tool Glass Frost Snow Removal for Winter Car Care and Cleaning (Standard)
RM 72.57
People\'s Choice ANENG AC11 Socket Tester Electric Leakage Detector LCD Display Ground Wire Zero Line Live Wire Phase Multifunctional Electrical Electroscope RCD NCV Electric Tester Circuit Polarity Detector EU Plug (Black)
RM 100.79
People\'s Choice 0-80mm 0.01mm LCD Digital Display Height Depth Counting Depth Meter Woodworking Depth Gauge Altimeter Woodworking Ruler Digital Caliper Tool Wood Working Measuring Tools with Magnetic Feet (Standard)
RM 101.36
People\'s Choice KKmoon Multifunctional 12 Lines Laser Level Tool Vertical Horizontal Crosslight with Self-leveling Function (Multicolor)
RM 391.65
People\'s Choice Miter Saw Protractor Angle Measuring Transfer Rule Angle Gauge for Carpenters ABS Metric Ruler on Renovation Work Home Improvement and More Building Trades (Yellow)
RM 68.50