Computer Components

Edifier GS01 Professional Gaming USB External Sound Card ( GS 01 )
RM 69.00
RM 35.88
AFOX IG41-MA7 Intel LGA775 G41 DDR3 USB 2.0 VGA MicroATX Motherboard
RM 399.00
RM 229.00
Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 TG Micro ATX Casing with Dark Mirror Front Tempered Glass Side Panel Customizable Trim Colors MCW-L3S3-KGNN-00
RM 298.00
RM 208.00
Montech Sky One ARGB EATX Case - Black / White
RM 319.00
RM 259.00
Biostar H310MHD PRO Intel 8th Gen LGA 1151 DDR4 2666 USB 3.1 HDMI DVI VGA Micro ATX Motherboard
RM 319.00
RM 262.00
Gigabyte GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 AMD Ryzen AM4 B350 M.2 SATA DDR4 USB 3.1 HDMI DVI VGA Micro ATX Gaming Motherboard
RM 589.00
RM 489.00
Corsair 780T Graphite Series Full-Tower PC Case Set (Without Fans) With RMx Series Fully Modular Power Supply
RM 1,259.00
Corsair 780T full tower chassis desktop computer assembly personality water-cooled side penetration gaming gaming
RM 1,259.00
Cooler Master Masterbox Nr600 Without Odd Minimalistic Design Seamless Tempered Glass
RM 330.00
Cooler Master Masterbox Nr400 Without Odd Minimalistic Design Seamless Tempered Glass
RM 276.00
Cooler Master Masterbox Q300L (mcb-q300l-kann-s00) High Flexibility for System Building Minimized Dimension with ATX PSU Support
RM 192.00
Cooler Master Masterbox Mb400l Tg Brushed Front Panel Hexagon Gleam
RM 210.00
Cooler Master Cmp 305 Argb Micro-ATX Gaming Case 2 ARGB Case Fans
RM 282.00
Cooler Master Masterbox Mb320l Argb Tg Tempered Glass Side Panel Adaptable Drive Cage
RM 294.00
Cooler Master Masterbox Mb520 Argb DarkMirror Front Panel Mesh Intakes
RM 372.00
Cooler Master Mastercase H500 Argb Dual Front panels mesh and transparent panels
RM 498.00
Thermaltake Mini ITX Chassis Core V1 Black Chambers Concept Advanced Ventilation
RM 250.80
Thermaltake View 31 Tempered Glass Argb Edition Atx Casing Tt LCS Certified 3 Built-in 140mm 5V ARGB Fans
RM 462.00
Thermaltake Level 20 Gt ARGB E-ATX Casing (silver / Black) 2 preinstalled 200mm 5V ARGB LED front fans and one 140mm rear fan.
RM 814.80
Thermaltake A700 Aluminum Tempered Glass Edition Full Tower Chassis Tt LCS Certified Sleek Aluminum Design
RM 1,042.80
Thermaltake H200 Tg Rgb Tempered Glass Window Superior Hardware Support
RM 346.80
Thermaltake H350 RGB Tempered Glass Mid-tower Chassis Built-in PSU Cover Tempered Glass Window
RM 294.00
Thermaltake Versa H24 Mid-tower Chassis Enthusiast Design Tool-free Installation
RM 186.00
Thermaltake H100 Tempered Glass Mid-tower Chassis
RM 294.00
Thermaltake Versa J21 Tempered Glass Edition Mid Tower Chassis ATX Form Factor Fully Modular 3.5\'\' / 2.5\'\' HDD Bracket
RM 246.00
Thermaltake S100 Tempered Glass Micro Chassis Black / Snow White Slim and Compact Design Built-in PSU Cover
RM 246.00
Thermaltake H330 Tempered Glass Mid-tower Chassis ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
RM 250.80
1st Player Rainbow R3-a Tempered Glass Atx Gaming Casing Left side panel temered glass Front RGB light strip
RM 126.00
1st Player Rb-3 Tempered Glass Atx Gaming Casing Left Side Panel Tempered Glass Front panel with light strip
RM 138.00
1st Player Dk-D3 Tempered Glass M-ATX Gaming Casing(with 3 X 14cm Rgb Fan) SPCC 0.5mm side panel tempered glass
RM 198.00
1st Player D3-A Tempered Glass M-ATX Gaming Casing SPCC 0.5mm side panel tempered glass
RM 132.00
Razer Battle Core X Mercury Edition Chroma Edition Thunderbolt 3 External Graphics Card Box PC Docking Station Gaming Laptop Mac
RM 2,799.00
Razer Battle Core X Symphony Edition Thunderbolt 3 External Graphics Card Box PC Docking Station Gaming Laptop Mac
RM 2,499.00
(asrock)ASRock ASRock Z590 OC Formula motherboard
RM 4,275.00
RM 259.00
1st Player DK D5 (ATX) Gaming Case
RM 165.00
Lian Li LANCOOL II Tempered Glass ATX Case ( Black/White )
RM 419.00
Fractal Design Define R7 XL Black TG Dark
RM 959.00
Fractal Design Define R7 Series
RM 699.00
Fractal Design Vector RS
RM 889.00