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Legacy BirdNest [Original]

Legacy BirdNest [Original]
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Legacy BirdNest Original
Legacy BirdNest
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Legacy BirdNest
Legacy BirdNest [Original]

Our Birdnest is Pure and Freshly Cooked Upon Order. There are no preservatives or artificial elements added. 1 Box comes with 6 Bottles and each jar contains 2 g of Birdnest, bee sugar and water.

  1. Ozone disinfection technology
  2. Autoclaving starts
  3. 99% Sialic acid
  4. Pure bird's nest
  5. No Preservatives
  6. No Artificial Elements Added

1 Box Come with 6 Bottles - 80ml*6


2gram Cave nest per bottle, bee sugar and water.


1. Boost immune system

- The edible bird’s nest contains glycoprotein, neutral energetic property and other minerals and vitamins that help to boost the immune system.

2. Stimulate Healthy Skin

- The edible bird’s nest helps prevent internal dryness, helps to maintain youthful skin. The enzyme and hormone can rebirth human cells.

3. Improve digestion

- The Enzymes in bird’s nests can easily act on food in the stomach to quicken the digestion process and also accelerate the rate of metabolism.

4. Suitable for all Ages

- People who regularly consume bird’s nest soup will have stronger immunity, radiant skin, speed recovery to wounds and good eye vision.

5. Good for pregnant mothers and babies, especially Sialic acid provide from Birdnest

Shelf Life: 1 month in the fridge, suggestion consume before 15days.

Storage: Suggest keep in Fridge

Packaging: Glass Jar

Weight: 80ml


3-7 days pre-order

Ship on Monday to Wednesday only, for outstation

Legacy BirdNest [Original]
Legacy BirdNest [Original]
Legacy BirdNest [Original]
Legacy BirdNest [Original]
Legacy BirdNest [Original]
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