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Lavender Pure Essential Oil (10ml)-Swiss Just

Lavender Pure Essential Oil (10ml)-Swiss Just
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Product Information
With its soft floral scent and herbal notes, Lavender Essential Oil is a versatile, valuable essential oil in every home. Its soothing and calming aroma eases stress and anxiety to help you relax and rest peacefully. Lavender’s amazing skin-healing properties also make it the go-to oil in your first-aid kit to
soothe burns, and calm eczema and skin allergies.


How To Use

Anxiety, nervous tension, stress:

A few drops of Anti Stress behind your ears, on the nape of your neck and on your wrists provide a wonderful relaxing effect through the intense aromas of its essential oils. As an alternative, a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil are very effective because of its natural relaxing properties and Palmarosa Essential Oil restores harmony and balance.


A bath with Melissa Bath Essence comforts and promotes a good night’s sleep. Combine with a few drops of Anti Stress or Lavender, Chamomile or Neroli Essential Oil applied behind your ears and on the nape of the neck.


To achieve a gentle, comforting feeling, cleanse the area with Deo Intim and follow with a sitz bath
with 5 drops of Tea Tree or Lavender Essential Oil. Soon after, apply Lavender or Tea Tree Cream.

Urinary complaints, cystitis:

Wash with Deo Intim and follow with a warm sitz bath with 5 drops of Tea Tree, Lavender or Chamomile Essential Oil to soothe and comfort.

Inflamed, red, irritated skin, sunburn:

Use Milk, Honey & Rice Bath Foam daily to confort and provide moisture and then apply Mallow Body Lotion several times a day. If 24-hour moisture and hydration are needed, the Sandalwood Body Butter is the perfect choice. To confort skin after sun exposure supplement with cold compresses with Lavender Essential Oil.

Dermatitis, eczema, allergies:

Apply Lavender Cream & Essential Oil to moisturize and comfort the area. During the bath, supplement with Lavender & Witch Hazel Shower Gel.


Apply Lavender Essential Oil & Cream to comfort, soothe and refresh the area. During the bath, supplement with Lavender & Witch Hazel Shower Gel.

Insect bites:

Immediately apply Body Balm on the sting. Follow by softly massaging Lavender or Tea Tree Cream or Essential Oil to confort and soothe the area.

Dilution of essential oils:

Mix a total of 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oils into a teaspoon of Aromablends Body Lotion or Body Oil and apply over your whole body or over a specific area for a massage. Or, mix a total of 6 drops of one or several essential oils for every 10 ml of Aromablends Body Mist in a small spray bottle.

Lavender Pure Essential Oil (10ml)-Swiss Just
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