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Lanna Foot Patch 足贴

Lanna Foot Patch 足贴
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【 LANNA FOOT PATCH】(1 pack of 10 pieces) 

Thailand LANNA foot patch effect : once a day (tie before bed, get up and remove it), adhere to daily use, the effect appears in three stages.  

Suitable for:

  1. Beauty crowd
  2. Constipation, bad breath, body odor, foot odor
  3. Computer workers, work stress, long-term exposure to radiation
  4. Long standing, walking
  5. Swelling of the neck, shoulders, waist and legs. Through detoxification, pain will be reduced and edema will disappear

*Adhere to the feet before going to bed at night, remove it about 8 hours in the early morning and clean the feet.

【LANNA 足贴】(1包10片)



  1. 美丽的人群
  2. 便秘,口臭,体臭,脚臭
  3. 电脑工作者工作压力大,长期接触辐射
  4. 长期站立,散步
  5. 肿胀的脖子,肩膀,腰部和腿部。 通过排毒,疼痛会减轻,水肿消失


Lanna Foot Patch 足贴
Lanna Foot Patch 足贴
Lanna Foot Patch 足贴
Lanna Foot Patch 足贴
Lanna Foot Patch 足贴
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