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Korea Mymi Wonder Slimming Patch for Thighs and legs slimming - 3 boxes combo

Korea Mymi Wonder Slimming Patch for Thighs and legs slimming - 3 boxes combo
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Product Information

Korea No.1 Mymi Wonder Slimming Patch (Effective!)

For Thighs and Legs (LOWER BODY) 1 pack 3 sheet 18 pieces


South Korean sales of the first widely welcomed by women, both men and women

Contains caffeine and other ingredients pepper and effectively burn fat, lower body part

paste by the U.S. FDA certified, safe and reliable

Unique design, large area, attached to the thighs and legs weight loss while not cover the navel

Wide range of applications, in addition to a pot outside the arms and legs can also be applied to other places

Posted a proposal two days, two weeks of continuous use

Hip -- 93mm x 50mm
Thighs -- 160mm x 53mm
Legs -- 160mm x 39mm


Slimming patch

Persisting for 8 hours, Long effect!

Simply paste before going to sleep!

Targets only fat / cellulite on and around the Belly.

Care of the fat on the thighs and legs.

For those with sensitive skin, highly recommeded to put lesser hrs,eg 2-3hrs for 1st time users!!!

How it works:

~ Directions ~

1) Clean and dry skin. Open the package and paste the slimming patch surrounding the legs.

Keep away from wounds, part without wet or cosmetics.

2) For an initial user, try the patch on for 4~6 hours and increase the

time to the max 8 hours according to the skin texture.

3) In the case of using it on the same body part, use it every 2 days, not everyday recommended.

4) Portion control and exercise with using wonder patch for 6 weeks will helps to enhance the Diet Effect.

5) For feeling the stimulus at the peeling off, it's better to get rid of it after applying the body

cream on the body part and wait to be absorbed.

6) In the case of itching while using it, take cold pack once per 2~3 days instead of scratching,

then reuse the wonder patch.

** Usage Instructions**

a) One piece each two days.

b) Wear before going to bed, leave on for 6 hours to 8 hours.

c) The slimming effect would be better together with diet and sports.

d) **Please rub lotion before paste, otherwise will pain when tear off.

Lower Body Patch: Come in a box of 3 sheet 18 piece

Details of the Deal

Korea might try to paste special Mymi abdominal fat dissolving thin paste, approved by FDA, the trial can be assured that contains caffeine and other ingredients pepper and day 8 hours paste, whether sleep, work, school or shopping can be posted , the thin one, so you without time and place restrictions, anytime lean belly, swollen farewell own bucket back!

Product Information:

Passed the Skin Irritation tests from FDA in USA

Contains 5 kinds of Natural Ingredients

No preservatives

Product details:

Korea Mymi Wonder Slimming Patch for Thighs and legs slimming - 3 boxes combo
Korea Mymi Wonder Slimming Patch for Thighs and legs slimming - 3 boxes combo
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