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Kordel's Ezi Cream (Glucosamine & MSM) 100g

Kordel's Ezi Cream (Glucosamine & MSM) 100g
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1 x Kordel's Ezi Cream (Glucosamine & MSM) 100g

Item: Kordel's Ezi Cream (Glucosamine & MSM) 100g

  • Ingredient Weight Per Gram
    Glucosamine Sulphate 50mg
    Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM) 50mg
    Aloe Vera Extract 50mg
    Salix Alba (Willow Bark) Extract 1mg
    Arnica Montana Extract 1mg
    Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam) Extract 1mg
    Vitamin A 0.5mg
    Vitamin C 0.5mg
    Vitamin E 1mg

Kordel’s Ezi Cream brings together the synergistic benefits of both Glucosamine and MSM in a topical formula. In addition to that, its combination with natural herbs (Aloe Vera, Willow Bark, Arnica and Wild Yam) and vitamins provides an immediate, substantial and long-lasting effect for joint aches and muscle tenderness. This soothing, non-greasy and gentle formula also helps to moisturise the skin. It can be used along with oral joint health supplements for better results. 

Glucosamine Sulphate – To Rebuild Cartilage 

Glucosamine is a natural-occurring compound that repairs, rebuilds and forms joint cartilage. Cartilage plays an important role in the mobility and flexibility of joints. When cartilage wears off, bones will rub against each other, causing inflammation, which in turn, causes the joint to become swollen and painful. Glucosamine is well absorbed through the skin into the synovial fluid in the joint cavity. 

Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM) - To Relieve Pain 

MSM is a natural organic source of sulphur. It plays an important role in the formation of glucosamine and collagen in our body. It also has powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties and provides relief from pain, swelling and tenderness in arthritic joints. MSM relieves joint pain by reducing the pain impulses along the nerve fibres. It also helps reduce muscle pain. 

Willow Bark (Salix Alba) Extract – To Relieve Pain 

Willow Bark has been used for centuries to alleviate joint pain. It contains a natural substance which is chemically similar to aspirin. This substance works effectively to relieve pain caused by swelling joints, and as well as muscle pain. An advantage of Willow Bark is it does not cause any side effects. 

Arnica Montana Extract – To Reduce Swelling 

Arnica Montana is a popular and effective remedy for the topical treatment of bruises, sprains, and general joint and muscle pains. It contains chemicals that act as anti-inflammatories and assists in normal healing processes by improving blood circulation to the affected areas and causing reabsorption of the escaped fluid. The latter helps to reduce swelling in the joints and relieves pain. Arnica Montana also helps reduce the black and blue appearance of bruises by increasing blood flow to the affected areas. 

Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa extract) – To Reduce Swelling 

Wild Yam helps to reduce inflammation. Scientific studies show that corticosteroids found in wild yam have an anti-inflammatory effect. This effect has proven to be very helpful in calming inflamed joints. Wild Yam also has antispasmodic properties to reduce muscle strain, soreness and tenderness. 

Aloe Vera Extract – To Moisturize and Soften the Skin 

Aloe Vera helps to moisturize skin and soften hardened skin cells. This helps to increase the delivery of active ingredients like Glucosamine, MSM & others to the skin, as well as to the affected joints to reduce swelling and pain. 

Vitamins A, C and E 

Vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants which help in the prevention of inflammation caused by free radical damage. These vitamins also aid in moisturising the skin and keeping the skin resilient especially at inflamed areas. Vitamin C is vital for the formation of collagen and healthy cartilage. 


Helps to relieve joint pain and muscle soreness in older people and individuals active in sports. Also helps to diminish bruises. 


Massage into affected areas until cream disappears. Use daily as directed, for a minimum of two weeks for best results. 

Kordel\'s Ezi Cream (Glucosamine & MSM) 100g
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