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Koolfever Cooling Gel Patch Baby 12's

Koolfever Cooling Gel Patch Baby 12's
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Product Information

KOOLFEVER Cooling Gel Sheet is ready to use for sudden fever. This pack size is catered for babies 0-2 years old. It contains no fragrance, no colouring and it is gentle to babies' skin. Each sheet is made of a moist, but not messy gel that absorbs and disperses heat the whole night. Number one in their category in Japan, these stick-on gel sheets can bring down body temperature effectively. KOOLFEVER Babies come in the size perfectly fitted to babies' forehead.
Features & Benefits1) Anti-slipKOOLFEVER is a soft gel made up of 80% moisture, so it is effective in lowering body temperature. Also, the soft and bouncy nature of the gel means that it attaches firmly to the skin and does not easily peel off.2) Gentle on the skinKOOLFEVER has been formulated to contain only ingredients that are commonly used in cosmetics and personal hygiene products. Furthermore, it is also pH neutral to the skin, making it gentle on skin and unlikely to cause any skin irritation.ξHow to Use1) Remove transparent film and tightly affix the gel cooling surface to desired area (for example forehead/ neck/ underarm).2) If necessary, cut KOOLFEVER to a suitable size with scissors.3) For efficacy and hygiene, use KOOLFEVER only onceξOther Uses of Koolfever1. For sleepless nights/ sultry nights2. For headache3. For toothache4. For sprains and bruises5. For hot days6. For flushed skin after sportsξ

1) Do not use on irritated or injured skin. If any irritation such as swelling, rashes, etc. occurs during or after application, discontinue use and see a dermatologist.
2) Does not stick if the skin is perspiring or it comes in contact with hair or eyebrows.
3) Use under supervision of parents when used on babies or children to keep them from eating or placing the products over their mouths or nostrils.
4) KOOLFEVER is not a drug, if fever persists, see a doctor.
Other Information
Q01. How is KOOLFEVER for babies different to KOOLFEVER for children?
A01. KOOLFEVER for babies is designed to achieve an optimum temperature for the baby so that the sheet will not cool the baby���s skin too much. Also, the product does not contain any skin irritants such as coloring or perfume. Furthermore, the size of the sheet is designed to be an exact fit for babies��� foreheads.
Q02. How soon can this product be used on babies?
A02. Please use it on babies aged 6 months and above.
Q03. My child licked/ate the product. Is this a problem?
A03. With your safety in mind, we have designed the product to contain only ingredients that are commonly used in items such as pharmaceuticals and off-the counter medication.
Therefore, there should not be any problem if the product is licked or eaten. However, please consult a physician if you notice anything your child having an adverse reaction.
Q04. Is it okay for people with atopic dermatitis to use the product?
A04. This product has been designed for users with normal skin. Please avoid using KOOLFEVER if you have a skin condition.
Q05. How should I remove the gel when it gets stuck on clothing or underwear?
A05. First, remove as much as possible by hand. The remainder can be removed by washing as normal, either by hand or in a washing machine.
Please note that the adhesiveness differs for different types of clothing:
Highly adhesive to: Cotton, polyester, acetate, acrylic blankets
Slightly adhesive to: Flannel, cotton towels
Will stain: Silk
Q06. Why does it peel off straight away?
A06. The sheet will not attach well if the skin is wet or greasy. When this happens, try wiping the skin a clean towel first before re-attaching the sheet.
Also, with small children, one whole sheet can be too large for the forehead, and this will make it more likely to peel off. In this case, please cut the sheet to a suitable size before attaching the sheet.


Koolfever Cooling Gel Patch Baby 12\'s
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