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Kokoru Ichi

Kokoru Ichi
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KOKORU - Special Unique Gift for Special Person.

Your kids cannot take patience? Is it very difficult to motivate your child to be patience? They only interested in playing computer games and iPad?  Is technology sapping children’s creativity? Many parents didn’t know their child cannot be patience in study and that results them to score badly. At the end, children just lost interest in study. So, that’s a way to train children patience & it works amazingly.

This solution allowed you to give your children opportunities to practice being patient. When you are gathering items for a craft, having your children wait for you together will give them a chance to practice being patient. Kokoru craft can be a fun and vivid way to teach kids about a variety of things, including science, history and character principles. Working with materials and engaging students in a fun process can reinforce the topic and provide a material example and reminder of an important lesson. One important character trait that can be reinforced with crafts and projects is patience. In our fast-paced society, it can be easy to become frustrated and impatient when things take longer than expected; so teaching kids to be patient is an important tool that they can take into young adulthood and beyond.


Learning Through Play

Professor Nancy Carlsson-Paige (won Embracing the Legacy Award) ask, is technology sapping children’s creativity? Researchers who have tracked children’s creativity for 50 years are seeing a significant decrease. Kids need first-hand engagement - they need to manipulate objects physically, engage all their senses, and move and interact with the 3-dimensional world. This is what maximizes their learning and brain development. A lot of the time children spend with screens takes time away from the activities we know they need for optimal growth. We know that children today are playing less than kids played in the past.

We have many decades of theory and research in child development that tell us so much about how young children learn. We know that, like children all over the world and throughout time, children need to play. We know that learning in the early years is active — that kids learn through direct play and hands-on experiences with people, with materials, and in nature.


How To Select An Attention-Grabbing Craft For Your Children?

1. Challenges your kids with realistic yet demanding goals.

2. Colorful material to attract their eyes.

3. Make education enjoyable and interesting for children. 


Why KOKORU Can Help?

1.  Kokoru craft can be a fun and vivid way to teach kids about a variety of things

2.   Learning in fun with colorful corrugated paper.

3. Learn through direct play and hands-on experiences with people, with materials, and in nature.

4. Give them a chance to practice being patient.

5.  Improve their creativity & imagination via create a new thing.

6. User friendly, ideal for child aged 6 to 12. It is suitable for all age adult to creating gift.

7. Totally new experience to create anything based on imagination.

8. Continuous giving idea of creativity via Facebook.

Simply grab one for your smart kid. That’s it!

For help, [email protected]


Review from customer:

Good day! I am Teacher Silver from the Philippines who fall in-love in kokoru making.” Silver Noroño

About Kokoru:

KoKoRu is the high quality products and pride of the country because it is the first color corrugated paper product in Indonesia. KoKoRu is available in two types: KoKoRu Hachi and KoKoRu Ichi, each are available in many colors variant.

KoKoRu can be used by all ages from children to adults, including parents,  teachers, and students. It can also be used for academic purpose especially for arts students who are learning design and architecture.

Different kinds of creative ideas can be utilized using this product. In addition to its main use for scrapbook activities, cut size cards and other cut size purposes, KoKoRu can also be formed into various decorative objects by rolling technique.



Kokoru Ichi
Kokoru Ichi
Kokoru Ichi
Kokoru Ichi
Kokoru Ichi
Kokoru Ichi
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