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Kiddy Goody Yogurt Cereal

Kiddy Goody Yogurt Cereal
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Product Information

KiddyGoody Yogurt Cereal is a nutritional supplement rich in probiotics. Packed with 20 kinds of cereals and other non-genetically modified natural products as a base, and added with DHA, AA, colostrum, probiotics, fructose, taurine, red beet, lecithin, protein and dietary fiber, calcium and zinc and other minerals with a variety of vitamins, creating a nutritional balanced formulation.

KiddyGoody Yogurt Cereal contains five kinds of good bacteria. Each cup will provide about 10 billion (10CFU) probiotics. Adding into this balanced nutrition are fructose and 20 types of mixed grains, achieving the effect of good bacteria eating bad bacteria, so you have a complete nutrient absorption. You will enjoy both intestinal detoxifications, comprehensive regulation of the body's functional activities, enhance immunity and promote the comprehensive development of the human body.

Billion (CFU) Probiotics

Each cup contains 10 billion (10CFU) probiotics, a total of five kinds of good bacteria.

types of mixed grains

Brown rice, corn, soybeans, red rice, red beans, barley, mung beans, chickpeas, red bean, almnd, green beans, chains, black beans, wheat, organic millet, black sesame, organic black glutinous rice, organic flaxseed, oats, buckwheat

kinds of high-quality nutrients

DHA, AA, Omega-3, Colostrum, Taurine, Red beet, Fiber, Protein, Lecithin, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, etc.

Not only cereals, we are "rich in probiotics 10 billion CFU"

Eating good bacteria, intestinal tract healthy, and the body will naturally be healthy too!

• Vegetable protein can effectively suport the body's growth and development.

• Calcium from mixed grains constructs healthy bones and teeth and helps the functioning o the nervous system.

• Colostrum can provide natural immune globulin, enhance immunity, regulation of intestinal movement, and to promote the growth and development of the gastrointestinal tract, prevents aging, promote growth and development.

• DHA and AA (Arachiodonic Acid) is an important component for the development of the brain and retina. It is the child's mental and visual vital nutrients.

• Taurine is an energy booster to help improve children's concentration, promote immune function.

• Lecithin as the basic element, can promote brain development, enhance memory and improve learning ability.

• Fructose provides instant energy for an active lifestyle, so you're more energetic and active thus less chance of getting high blood pressure. ALso difficult for fat to accumulate yet do not produce dental problems.

• Fiber effectively absorb the body useless material, long-term use can prevent a variety of intestinal diseases.

• Each cup (the recommended amount) of Kiddy Goody Yogurt Cereal provide you with up to 10 billion (10 CFU) probiotic bacteria, to provide you with protection and improve intestinal immunity

Quality Assurance
Kiddy Goody Yogurt Cereal is formulated in the United States. Latest advanced technologies is used in order to ensure maximum nutritional value.

• Formulated with 100% natural ingredients

• Non-GMO raw materials

• No trans fats

• No artificial coloring and preservatives

• GMP and HACCP certification standards of production and control

• ISO Quality Management System Certification

• Malaysian Halal Certification

Methods of Preparation
Pour 2 spoonful Kiddy Goody Yogurt Cereal into a cup. Add 200ml of cold or warm water. Stir throughly with a shaker or teaspoon evenly.

Suggested Usage
Recommended to drink one or two times a day, preferably with an empty stomach. Store in a cool and dry place below 30 degrees Celcius. Consume within 60 days after opening.
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