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KERIMO Premixed (350ml)

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Premixed (350ml)
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  • Able to block / dodge animals and disrupt plant pests such as RATS, APE, PIG FOREST, BAT, FOX, BUFFALO etc.
  • Smells like a tiger urine will make apes and monkeys run far away

Product Information

What's in the box:

1 x 350ml Kerimo Premixed


KERIMO is not poison.We are not killing those animals.Let's get rid of it..then's not guilty or look at the dead monkeys .. it's hard to find a dead rat on a ceiling.It's not just dead but the animals are circulating elsewhere when we use KERIMO.


KERIMO is easy to use.Just put in a bottle that has been punctured by a small hole so that itsmells out.Then hang it around the garden or your house at a distance of 20 feet each.If you want to get rid of rats in the house, just place in the rubber roll on the rut or on the ceiling or in the nest.InShaAllah rats will run away.


KERIMO proved to be effective.YES, IT'S EFFECTIVE.It's been over a year in the market and almost all users give a positive feedback on KERIMO's effectiveness.


First in Malaysia.KERIMO is the latest HOT product in the market. New innovation in dealing with crop pests and disturbing homes.


KERIMO is original Made in Malaysia, its ingredients are all from local materials.It seems that there is no such product outside of the country . It is proud that Malaysia produce a good product that has prove to be effective.


KERIMO is made from ORGANIC ingredients.Clean and pure.You do not have to worry about chemicals that are sometimes more damaging to plants.


KERIMO has been certified by the Pesticides Control Division, Department of Agriculture, Malaysiaas a substance "not listed in Schedule 1 of the Pesticides Act 1974".


KERIMO usually lasts up to a month.As long as KERIMO gel is moist, it will withstand the smell.


1) Insert the cloth (equal to 'handkerchief') or sponge into a mineral water bottle or plastic jar and apply the cloth / span with KERIMO PREMIXED.

2) Make sure around the bottle / plastic jar is punched with small holes so that KERIMO's odor can come out.The purpose is placed in plastic jar / jar to prevent rain.

3) Hang the plastic bottle / sponge that contains the cloth / span at a distance of 20 feet every one around the garden.

4) Make sure the bottle / jarsthatcontaining the fabric / span are firmly bonded because most likely monkey / ape will carry the trunk.

Monkeys / apes will try to divert KERIMO's odor sources from where they are always playing because the smell is unpleasant to them.If the source of the odor is irreversible, they will move to another place.This process will take between 3 days to a week.(There is also a case where it takes up to 2 weeks. You have to be patient and do not give up).

5) Dry the cloth / span with KERIMO every two weeks to maintain its odor.

KERIMO Premixed (350ml)
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