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Juvo Natural Raw Meal Whole Food Low-Fat Low-Calorie (600g)

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Product Information
  • Made in Korean organic
  • Revolutionary low-fat, low-calorie
  • Made with organic and kosher ingredients NON-GMO
  • Filled with 55 healthful ingredients

JUVO, the “Nature-Approved” Natural Raw Meal

Whole Food from Root to Fruits
- Juvo is filled with 55 healthful ingredients to give balanced nutrition.
- It is high in phytonutrients, dietary fiber,antioxidants and enzyme.

Juvo Natural Raw Meal Whole Food (Low Fat & Low Calorie)

Natural & Organic
- Juvo is made with organic and kosher ingredients NON-GMO, free of dairy, animal, artificial flavor and color, suitable forvegen and vegetarian.

Raw & Alive Nutrients
- Juvo uses Freeze- Drying technology which to be the best way to preserve nutritive properties,flavor and color.
- All nutrients inJuvo are alive to provide quality nutrition.

How JUVO was created

  • After discovering that many modern people have poor diets, raw food diet was proposed. Raw food diet is a revolutionary means to promote health.

  • JUVO is "to give an aid" and our goal is to deliver the benefits of fresh living food from Mother Nature has intended for our human to eat.

  • Today, JUVO serves the world and environment by delivering environment-friendly, nutrient-rich products to bring the purity and full vitality that Mother Nature offers to our body.

What is JUVO?

JUVO is a premium, revolutionary low-fat, low-calorie and all-natural raw meal designed to fuel all lifestyles. Nutritionally balanced and rich in raw, organic ingredients. People what they need to look their best and feel healthy, with JUVO's unique formulation, alive, natural, raw ingredients to help them stay satisfied.

JUVO Users Are....

1) People seek for a well-balanced healthy meal

- Whether you are a professional athlete, dieter, senior, or just seeking a healthier life, JUVO's got a variety of 55 nutritious ingredients on-the-go.

2) People with fast peced lifestyle (Professionals, Travelers, Fitness Trainers, Students)

- Have only 5 minute for a meal?! JUVO is just perfect.

3) People who need to manage weight

- Replace 1 or 2 meals with 1 serving of JUVO.

- JUVO with low calories, low-fat, well-balanced nutritious serve as a ultimate way to control and maintain weight.

- Working out? Take JUVO before, during and after your workout.

Serving Suggestion..

  • Blend two leveled scoops of JUVO (40g) with 8~10 oz of water or your favorite beverage.

  • Add fresh or frozen fruit for additional flavor and nutrition.

  • Add maple syrup or honey for a sweeter taste.

Juvo Natural Raw Meal Whole Food Low-Fat Low-Calorie (600g)
Juvo Natural Raw Meal Whole Food Low-Fat Low-Calorie (600g)
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