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Japanese Roasted Green Tea Hojicha (Tea Bag for 1-pot)

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Product Information

• Content : 75g (15 sachets x 5g) 

• Packing : Tea Bag 

• Country of Origin : Japan 

• Tea Type : Green Tea 

• Shelf Life: 365days 

• Packaging : Japan Food Safe Certified Aluminium Zip-lock Bag 

• Aroma            (香) : 4/5 

• Astringency(涩): 2/5 

• Bitterness   (苦): 2/5 

• Sweetness  (甘): 3/5 

• Greenness     (青)   : 4/5 

* Low caffeine tea 

* Strong of roasted aroma 

* Suitable to drink after meal 

【Direct from Tea Plant】Carefully selected high-quality tea leaves, tea farmers, tea factory  & packaging to ensure  our customers can get the best tea sip~ Japan Kakegawa Green Tea imported directly from Japan farm without go through 3rd party and make sure all the processes is complying with standards. 

【Safe & Natural Farming】 Tea farmer used natural fertilizer with consideration on environment friendly, they are committed to agriculture that protects the nature. 

Brewing Instruction : 

HOT BREW : Take one tea bag of Japan Roasted Hojicha Tea to your teacup, pour over 800ml 70 - 80°C hot water and wait for 2  minutes before serve. 

COLD BREW : Use 1 tea bag per 1L room temperature water,  pour in water and keep in fridge for 2-3 hours. Take out and shake it before serve. 

Storage : 

Avoid high temperature and humid place 

Tea packed with re-seal-able aluminium zip lock bag, which is easy for store & keep the tea freshness. 

Using aluminum zip lock bag IMPORTED from Japan, it's certified with Food Safe Grade Material.

Japanese Roasted Green Tea Hojicha (Tea Bag for 1-pot)
Japanese Roasted Green Tea Hojicha (Tea Bag for 1-pot)
Japanese Roasted Green Tea Hojicha (Tea Bag for 1-pot)
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