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Lady Merryherbs~ for general health of women,pretty + energizing!
• Nurturing vital energy
• Nourishing blood
• Relieving fatigue
• Improving recovery from childbirth
• Regulating menstruation and virginal discharge

Being a woman today can be demanding. Modern women to balance family and career, and life is very busy, so no time for exercise and tune up the body, coupled with the rapid pace of life, stress, women's body is beginning to deteriorate; there are those who eat no timing or excessive dieting, resulting in malnutrition, so that the body produces problems. Therefore it's our pleasure to exclusively recommend you Jacken Lady Merryherbs, designed with you in mind.

Suitable for:
Menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, anemia, abnormal vaginal discharge, dizziness, back pain, fatigue, feet unable to sit on Female menopausal women, urinary incontinence, difficult pregnancy, cold hands and feet, as early as the white hair.

Menstrual period for two.
Take a month women served two times a day, morning and at night 2.

Note: a fever during the pause taking.
After taking the physical and Hot fever phenomenon, the component can be reduced by half. Suggested that the same period in the following
Afternoon taking Jiekang heat clean intestinal Po (MYHERBS CAPSULE), both heat and removes toxins, but also to strengthen
Tune up effect.

Jie Kang female beauty Lippo woman tonic on the market in general have different or superior to others?
Jie Kang female beauty Lippo used 19 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines are personally screened by the experience of Chinese medicine practitioners, and all the ingredients guaranteed to be from the level of Chinese herbal medicine Shanghao and whichever efficacy strongest part. All the ingredients are individually processed through the traditional method of processing, to achieve the best medication and health effects. For example, the Rehmannia The processing method is based on nine of the ancient square steamed nine the sun after the medicine in order to achieve better Ziyin tune up effect, it is valuable. So every day after serving only a Jiekang women Lippo do not need more clothes can also be effective in the short term.

(2) whether the menstrual period can take Jiekang female beauty Lippo
Can. No matter which age women during menstruation are particularly vulnerable to fatigue and discomfort during menstruation double take Jie Kang female beauty Lippo, it can quickly blood, so that you can be fully nursed back to health in the physiological period, to maintain energy abundant, reduce menstruation symptoms.

3 Jie Kang female beauty Lippo menopausal women in place to beneficial effect?
Women over 40 has started to enter menopause, endocrine disorders, ovarian function declines, resulting in a variety of symptoms such as: hot flashes, headaches, night sweats, insomnia, cycle disorders, vaginal dryness, Shenxinpilei, emotional irritability. Women still need to set up age career as the home for the elderly and children also need to take care of and worry about. Jie Kang female beauty Lippo can effectively improve the physical fitness of middle-aged women to reduce menopausal symptoms, to restore strength and health. In addition, there are a lot of middle-aged women wait any longer, urine or incontinence, Jiekang female beauty Lippo also has a significant effect.

(4) post-production and lactation the possibility of taking Jiekang female beauty Lippo?
Can. Postpartum massive blood loss, physical weakness, can redouble taking. Jie Kang female beauty Lippo rapid blood, the body to quickly recover.

(5) taking Jie Kang female beauty Lippo can be seen how long their effects?
Clinical experience has shown that 5-7 days after the effectiveness of taking perceived fatigue decreased, and his face more red. In addition, dizziness, back pain, cold hands and feet with symptoms of incontinence of the middle-aged women has greatly improved. Such as menstrual discomfort and menopausal syndrome will be taking the longer and gradually reduce.

6 taking Jiekang women Lippo should pay attention to what matters?
- Pregnant women should not take
- Taking a fever during the pause
- After taking the drug, physical Xure who may have fever phenomenon can be component reduced by half. The proposal at the same time taking Jiekang heat clean intestinal Po (MYHERBS CAPSULE), you can heat detoxification, but also increase emphasis on complement efficacy.

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